In this era, just before the LORD appears, take few minutes to read this to avoid conforming to this world and enable you present an acceptable garb before the LORD.

The emphasis of this short Spiritual Treatise is on your appearance.

We talk of the outward appearance before we talk of the inward character proclivities later.

A beloved sister told me how a sister got up to preach in a bus they were travelling with and other passengers shouted on her to sit down because “you are not a Christian and you cannot preach to us with that harlots’ attire”.

That sister lost the opportunity for evangelising the lost because of her indecent 👗 dressing and she betrayed the LORD with her skimpy attire.

So sad!

Listen to Heaven’s Sentence in
1Thes 4: 3;
For this is the Will of GOD, even your sanctification”

Recently, some fresh graduates came to my Office on Campus wearing torn 👖 jeans trousers oblivious of the demons of insanity, irresponsibility and wretchedness such attires convey.

I always point those things out to this untoward generation for even in many modern Churches, they accommodate such uncouth dressing in the name of Grace Dispensation.

Many Church Leaders do not teach the inerrant, infallible and unimpeachable Truth of the Word and are inadvertently or unconsciously leading their Congregants to hell, having denied the LORD and His old rugged Cross and are now clinging to the new modern, liberal, 21st Century, hyper Grace Theology that neither rebuke sin nor convey sanctification.

These “fallen away” Denominations, as aptly captured in 2 Thes 2:3 have denied the Cross with their Clergy specifically carrying the blood of their lost members who were never taught the Truth and had perished in hell.

So sad.

Examine yourselves! as it is written in 2 Corr 13:5 and succinctly reckon if you are WORSHIPPING in the LORD’ Assembly or a modern Club.

All of our inner and outer appearance matter a lot for you can not dress in rags and torn dresses in the name of fashion and be pure before an awesomely Holy GOD.

Continuing, seductive attires attract demonic spirits.

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.
If you dress like a gentle man, you will be addressed so and if you adorn torn or nude dresses like mad folks or harlots you will be so addressed.

The attire of harlots which was mentioned in Prov 7:10 describes the subtle ventilation of lasciviousness, concupiscence and the madness of unrestrained sexuality.
The tragedy of this sinful
trajectory is that Congregants who claim that they going to Heaven are shamefully involved in these vanities, prodigalities and profanities.

Furthermore, Dressing is the first outward sign of your faith and personality and it matters a lot.

We may not know that you have issues with anger, greed or pornography, but if you dress like a hooligan or like a harlot, you have ventilated your life and advertised hell as your destination in life.

Your character challenges like pride and envy can take you to hell just like your exposing your nudity in shabby👗 dressing.

The LORD said in Lev 19:2 ” You shall be holy , for I the LORD your GOD is Holy”
This is what the Apostle repeated in 1 Pet 1:15 thus: ” But as He who called you is Holy, be ye holy in all manner of lifestyle”.

Moreover, many sisters dress like the world and become worldly, demons follow them, frustrates them, gives them open doors that would lead them further away from the Lord Holy Spirit, and what happens to people in the world happens to them.

Few other sisters dress godly without satanic properties like fixed nails/ painted faces that corrects the LORD of Creation, without demonic attachments, without exposing their breasts, belly, buttocks and laps.

These well dressed Sisters are of GOD if they have also died to anger, immorality, greed, pride and other dishonest propensities of humanity.
The good LORD blesses them with His guardian Angels and covers them with His Blood and favours them with answered prayers.

When a Brother wears sleeveless top, torn 👖 wears, boxers showing trousers and exhibits all other properties of Satan in demeanour, he insulates himself from the Holy CROSS and its multiple benefits of redemption and shows EVERYONE that his daddy is satan.

A well dressed and covered brother who has also died to bitterness, lasciviousness, pornography, filthy lucre and arrogance among other works of the flesh is a candidate for Divine good reports for GOD seeks Holy Temples to Tabernacle in and HE cannot forsake him.

Here is the reason for answered prayers and frustrated lives in the House: A life pleasing to the LORD that can not be stranded in life. Please, see Jn 8:29.

You have heard from wealth and happiness Preachers that faith is all it takes.
Yes, but I tell you that the faith that gets all must be a most holy Faith.
See Jude 1:20.

You can not sleep in Delilah’s laps and wake up in the Temple Altar.

You cannot live wrong and get things right.

You cannot be part of the corruption and pollutions of this world and be receiving revelations and inspirations from the LORD Holy Spirit.

No, never!
Whatsoever we sow, we must reap for no one sows a farm crop like maize and reaps an animal like a 🐄 cow.

A person could dress to “kill”, but there is nothing in the dress than poor parental training, irresponsibility and indiscipline.

The spirit of seduction follows all shabby, seductive, provocative and indecent 👗 dressing.
You can not be involved in obscene and mundane dress codes and claim to be working worthy of the LORD.
No, never, you cannot live wrongly and claim to be living in Righteousnes!

Sister and Brother , since Satan knows that you are out to distract, seduce and look hot through your dressing , you have become his agent of unrighteousness.

Therefrom, your name would be deleted from the LAMB’s Book of Life and the LORD would leave you to your haughtiness, sensuality and eventual stagnation in life.

Note that Salvation is not once and for all.
The LORD JESUS Himself said that He would not delete the Names of Overcomers from His Book.
For my name to remain in His Book, I must remain an irrepressible overcomer of worldliness by the Power of the LORD Holy Spirit.
See Rev 3:5 et al.

Surely, once you live a holy and crucified life, devoid of worldliness, you will be a high-flyer in your career and can victoriously resist all satanic arrows.

You would become a terror to demonic forces and an Instrument of Light to Heaven and if your time on Planet Earth expires, you will go home to the LORD triumphantly.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19, the LORD asked?

“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of GOD, and ye are not your own?”
Your body is the temple of GOD and you are not your own for the LORD JESUS Himself purchased it with His own Precious Blood.

Please, learn to dress well , cover your body well for the LORD and resist temptations to dress like this putrid world already in a mess.

When you are good to go with godly dressing without sinful motives, the LORD JESUS CHRIST would pour His SPIRIT on you and make you His inestimable Jewel.

You can’t be His Jewel and remain small, stagnated and frustrated in life.
God is faithful and Heb 6:12 says that He does not forget our works and labour of love!
I am His witness of His abundant Grace and can testify that GOD does not fail.

Concluding, I admonish you to dress well, talk like a Prince/Princess, live right and say no to the indisciplined demeanour of most modern christians across denominations whose polluted conduct crucifies the LORD JESUS CHRIST again.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Head of the Church beautify your lives on Earth and grant you Divine Repose in Heaven when we cross over to that Realm.