Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


Divine warning to all end time inhabitants.

Hear ye the Word of the LORD.

Whoever you are, Preacher or Congregant, wherever you go: East, West, North or South, whatever you say or do on GOD’s Planet Earth, just reckon indubitably that the LORD approves any person who has been to Calvary by faith for His Work, by Holiness only.

If you say or write any hideous thing , including repulsive narratives , on any social media platform, do not forget that it is recorded for you and you must give account of it fully.

In Math 12:36, the LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself said that even idle words shall be accounted for at judgment.

When you mischievously run to secret or even conspicuous abodes and plan or conspire for mundane profit, the audio video clip is in your File in the Hallowed Gate of Eternity and very soon , you shall be called up to account for that.

Every person shall be called up, for even the Righteous can be called up to be rewarded for his uprightness accordingly.

All Ministers of the Gospel across denominations should reckon again why the LORDJESUS died on the Cross.
Those who have left the commanded Message of Repentance, the Cross and the Kingdom of GOD and turned to the freemason perversion of liberal theology and the religious execration of material prosperity gospel must repent.

The vile practice of the modern churchianity of neo Christianity has corrupted the Body of CHRIST with worldliness and it does not make anyone holy in order to conform to the Image of CHRIST.
Repentance is the need of the hour or judgment unto eternal damnation shall fall.

In Isaiah 35: 8, the LORD Holy Spirit describes the Highway of the LORD as the Way of HOLINESS where the unclean can not pass.

You can pass anywhere now, do anything now, speak every filthy word now, bear false witness now, but listen: GOD ‘s Word says that your sins shall find you out.

What ?
Find me out?
Yes! Absolutely yes.

That financial fraud, that religious false hood , that electoral fraud, that medical fraud, that business fraud, that academic fraud, that conspiracy to outwit your spouse or neighbour or colleague to gain vain position , that secret abortion, that false witness, that worldliness in dress code, yes, even that criminality of bloodshed and robbery .

All of them shall be exposed and you shall account for them, one by one irrespective of your mundane position, title and accomplishments.
Every unrepented and unrestituted sin must be accounted for and judged!

You can have a new car by fraud, but you will perish in hell without repentance.
You can get that new position by fraud , your end is hell without repentance.
You can dress like a harlot but without Sanctification, you will surely end in hell.

The Angels are keeping their records and are taking reports back to Heaven on daily basis.
The Glory of Heaven and the Blessed Hope of the Sanctified is all eyes and HE sees everything.

Continuing, in Math 5:8, the LORD JESUS said that only the pure in heart shall see GOD.
Seeing GOD starts here.
You need to see GOD in your prayer life, family life, career and every life endeavour.

There are some character manifestations like the impurity of pornography or rebellion that will not enable you to see GOD as they are insulators between GOD s unimpeachable Holiness and man’s reprehensible depravity.

If you do not see Him , you are spiritually dry, impotent, blind , miserable, naked and dead as aptly ventilated in Rev 3 :17.

Concluding, in Heb 12:14, the Divine Warning is that if you do not follow peace and Holiness with all men, you are lost and your labour shall be in vain.
Remember, Heaven approves any person by Holiness and not by secular or ecclesiastical titles and mundane accomplishments.

Let no one deceive you with motivational messages that it shall be well.
No, never, it is not written so.

The LORD Holy Spirit captured the true position in Isaiah 3:10-11 as follows:
” Say you to the Righteous that it shall be well with him for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe unto the wicked ! It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his ( evil ) hands shall be given to the wicked “

As it is written in the Holy Writ, even so be it and shall soon be done!
Take it or leave it.

He who has ears to hear , let him hear the incorruptible and infallible Word of GOD today.

The son of GOD shall return.