Tabernacle of Grace, Awka



The Church in the last couple of decades had been ravaged by unholy trends across denominations that has polluted the Ecclesia of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

One of these perilous attacks is the ugly trend of the false liberal theology of modernity, antinomianism, modern paganism and social gospel Churchianity which must be cast away like a menstruous cloth ( Isaiah 30:22) .


The Apostles Paul , Peter and Jude inter alia, warned of these evils in the Scriptures.

In Acts 20:29-32, Paul warned that savage wolves not sparing the flock, speaking perverse things shall arise.
He commended them to GOD and the Word of His Grace which is able to build them up and grant them the undefiled inheritance of the Sanctified.

In 2 Pet , Chapter 2, the Apostle called these people evil speakers of damnable heresies, who through covetousness with feigned words make merchandise of the Elect, saying things they do not understand, spots and blemishes with eyes full of adultery and covetous practices who must be rebuked like Prophet Balaam to stop his madness of filthy lucre and merchandising Churchianity.

Apostle Jude also speaking under the Hallowed inspiration of the LORD Holy Spirit exhorted the Elect to earnestly contend for the Faith which was once and for all delivered to us.
The reason for this recommended strife is because some evil men would creep in unawares to turn the Grace of GOD into lasciviousness and abominably deny the Cross. Jude 1: 3 -4.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself warned in Math 24 that false Prophets and Teachers would arise and wreck havoc in the Church with false teachings.

If we had taken heed to these and other warnings, we would not have fallen so low in our morals and ethics today in the last days Church across denominations and across the Continents of Planet Earth.


Modern Theology is driven by the vile spirit of lawlessness and coveteousness and it is neither a respecter of age nor person.

The young, the middle aged and the old , including those who once held excellent professions of our most holy Faith had been caught in their seductive trap.

It is called Social Gospel because it is acceptable to the unsanctified inside the Church and is soft to those outside .

The modern gospel is not the Biblical Gospel.
It is a gospel that fleeces and pillages Congregants.

It is actually another gospel because it preaches only the motivational messages that encourage people in their sins and lead them to acquire material prosperity with their sins.

Modernism and liberal theology can not save people from their sins and has truly become a harvesting ground for people to move from church to hell.
Its emphasis is on psyching people to find happiness without repentance from sins.

Modernity is the gospel of the mundane things of this passing world as it hates the Biblical Gospel that leads to repentance , purification and conformity to the likeness of the Son of GOD .

Modernism in the Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST denies separation from the world and abjures all that the Cross represents like suffering for the Truth, forgiveness and restitution.

Modern Paganism disavows mortification of the flesh but sadly venerates worldly pleasures, fashions and carnal associations, movements and esoteric orders.

In some denominations, they venerate moulded images and objects and give in to modern idolatrous worship.

It is called modern Cross because it is contrary to the Message of the old rugged Cross that commands death to self , flesh, pride and sensual pleasures.

Modern liberal gospel Churchianity deliberately do not preach the commanded Message of the Kingdom.

It avoids mentioning topics on Holiness, Sanctification, Restitution, Character Qualifications for Heaven, Rapture, Judgment of GOD, Hell Fire, Eternal perdition of the wicked et al.
These themes were extensively taught by the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Prophets and the Apostles.

The power content of modern religious Paganism is powered by satan and laden with freemason theology and other unsuspecting occult mystical orders and religious movements.

The origin of most modern trends across denominations and their clear departure from preaching the Truth is the reason why the LORD Holy Spirit has obviously departed from their activities and programmes and they have been taken over by vile principalities of religion and mammon.

You see those Denominations that celebrate worldly festivals and also organize beauty contests, jeans carnival, eating and drinking competition and other uncommanded feasts in their Youth week activities, they have fully been modernized.

Modernity does not frown at rascally, seductive and amorous dress codes because the entire gamut of modern paganism is powered by the spirit of seduction from Holiness and true Righteousnes to lust and decay.

You see these denominations that do not mention the need for Congregants to repent from the abhorrent sins of pornography, anger, unforgiveness, adultery, pride, electoral/financial/ academic, judicial and official misconduct, dishonesty, bitterness and other reprehensible works of the flesh; they are in a dirty romantic covenant with the defiled spirit of modernity.

Modernism across denominations encourages antinomianism which relegates morals and ethics in favour or motivational faith hypes.

It strangely loves comedy on the Alter, an abomination that no one can try in other Religious bodies but, they use holy things to make jest and profane the entire congregation.
They turn church services into entertainment centers rather than repentance moments laden with spiritual sober reflections.

The liberal theology of the modern Cross are social gospel denominations that organize religious Programmes but the emphasis is not on soul winning, deliverance from demonic oppression or salvation but incredibly on raising money.
After each daily message, the modern Preacher makes alter calls not for repentance, consecration , deliverance from demonic oppression or rededication, but for those who would sow financial seeds of money in thousands and millions for unnamed projects.

Many modern paganism denominations may make alter call for their new members to give their lives to the LORD after preaching their usual message on material prosperity.
Such new members are not being discipled to become like the LORD but to receive their own portion of financial prosperity.
Their own raison’ detre for answering alter call is to prosper and not to become like the LORD JESUS CHRIST in godly character in preparation for the Rapture.

It is not that raising money for genuine and specific Church projects is wrong , no, but that should be secondary to the Great Commission which is the Salvation of souls for which Divinity suffered untold humiliation on the Cross for.

The Modern Cross Social Gospel organizes fashion show, dancing competition and add other worldly attachments to Sunday Services to appeal to the unregenerate, unsanctified and unconverted converts.
Their sense of fashion is from the world and not from the LORD.
They are known for worldly garbs scripturally called ” the attire of harlots” and “strange apparels ” Prov 7:10, Zeph 1:8.

It is called Churchianity because it is laden with churchly human trends and tendencies contrary to Christianity that is led by the LORD Holy Spirit.

Where modernity triumphs, worldliness and lawlessness rule humanity in and outside the Church and they live in all manner of sin , indecent dress codes, religious politics , strife, lust and covetous practices.

Modern age theology is from the Principality of Religion that married the lost church with the world to breed a dangerous group of polluted Congregation leaders and followers who being strengthened by the Nicolaitan spirit, behave like the world while practicing their Churchianity.
They are therefore defiled and spiritually blind , poor and dead by Scriptural standards.


In the light of Eternity and the Scriptures that can not be broken, we may need to note these truths concerning the total failure of modernity in all its multifaceted sinful dimensions .

1. Modernism forgets that life is short and it is foolish to accentuate efforts in life building mansions that we will live in for few decades and not prepare for Eternity with Righteousnes where we will live for thousands and zillions of uncountable years. 1 Corr 15:19.

2. The LORD JESUS came to save us from sin as His Name Yehoshua- Jesus- Yesu ( Math 1:21) means : JEHOVAH the Saviour.
When sin is out by His propitiation, abundant life follows.
If we chase abundance of blessings alone and miss salvation from sin , we have become stupid and lost.
1 Jn 3:8-10, Jn 10:10.

3. Life without JESUS, is a waste in the light of the unbearable pains and torment of hell.
It is better not to be born than to miss Heaven and enter the horrendous and unquenchable fires of hell .
It is written that it is better to cut off your hands if it is going to lead you to hell.
Living in CHRIST JESUS is not having a good time in Church alone but living a life of holiness as a written epistle to be read by the heathen.
Math 26:24, Mk 9: 47, Eccl 4: 3.

4. The primary purpose of the Church is not building Cathedrals but getting converts, discipling them to conform to the Image of the Son of GOD ( Rom 8:29).
This conformity to the likeness of the LORD JESUS is to qualify us for Heaven in the next dispensation.
This is the secret of all Biblical Mysteries in Theology. ( Eph 1:9-11) .

5. Modernity encourages friendship with the world and does not teach separation , sanctification and consecration to the LORD to gain Heavenly Glory.

They venerate cultural and worldly festivals and adornments and would not command moderation in dress codes.
Some known mainline liberal theologies are notoriously practicing negotiated and compromised faith by mixing Christianity with traditions of men.
Such abhorrent practice called Syncretism is detested by Heaven as it was such syncretic practices that made the LORD to reject Israel and Judah and destroyed their City :Jerusalem and their defiled Temple and took them into captivity in foreign lands as a repugnant society full of pollution and execration.

James 4:4 and Rom 12 :1-2 however teaches that if we conform to and become friendly with worldly passions and traditions, we are GODs enemy.

6. Modernity does not hurt their Congregants and can not warn them to come out of sinful demeanour.

What use is church membership if you will eventually go to hell fire?
Christianity rather pugently warns that Congregants must die to sin if they want to live for JESUS here and in Eternity.

Col 3:5-7.

7. Modernity celebrates material prosperity as a sign that GOD is with them.
A new job, car , house or spouse is a big testimony.
Math 5:8 and Heb 12:14 insist that only the pure in heart , living righteously shall see GOD irrespective of his material prosperity status.
When we live a godly life , we have evidence that the Fruit of the LORD Holy Spirit is working in us and Eternal Life can truly be accessed when we are through with this mortal life.

8. True Salvation validates the state of Grace not church attendance.

When we live uprightly, GOD becomes our sun and shield and releases Grace and Glory to the Elect.

Shouting Amen to church religious declarations while living in sin can not change GODs unimpeachable and infallible Foundation.
Ps 84:11-12.

9. What conveys answered prayers is obedience and Kingdom mindedness more than anything.

When we access the Righteousnes of GODs Kingdom , all other things follow!

Herein, all Modern believers can be so delivered from religious emotions and sentiments.
Math 6:31-33

10. When a Believer or a Pastor tragically reaches the Gate of Eternity and is asked to “DEPART, I NEVER KNEW YOU”.

It means that GOD never knew the person and that is the costly price of liberal theology.


Sin is an insulator between Heaven and Earth.
If your sins are not under the Blood, you are finished!

If you read Rev 22:11-12 and 15, you will reckon the list is already made up .

Every thing matters and no sin shall be unaccounted for either by repentance or by judgment.

11. Preaching or serving in the Church does not save anyone from GODs incorruptible Judgment.

Many thieves are behind the pulpit.
Many fraudsters and adulterers with pornography in their phones are singing in the Choir of modern Churches.

The natural man is out of Grace.

The carnal Churchianity Congregant living in sin has known Grace but in character abuses Grace.

It takes the spiritual man who lives in obedience to venerate Grace and enter into Glory in Eternity.
1 Corr 3:3-4

12. Until a Doctrine is validated by the Word of GOD, be sure it is not from the LORD.
The Word of GOD is settled in Heaven not in any denomination!

Modernity practices unscriptural and uncommanded stuff and has become repugnant to Heaven with their ” another gospel” , the social gospel Churchianity called Modern Cross Paganism.
Gal 1: 6- 9, Ps 138:2, Ps 119: 89.


The commanded Message of Repentance, continuing Repentance hinged on the Cross to meet the incorruptible Standards of the Kingdom of GOD is the answer to this spirit of depravity ravaging the last days Church.

The commanded Message of Repentance Lk 24:45-47,

The Cross, 1 Corr 1: 18

and the Kingdom of GOD Acts 1: 3 , Lk 4: 43 et al ,

had overtime supernaturally combated the evils of modernity and destroyed it to the roots.

Continuing, our Faith is described as ” most holy Faith” ( Jude 1:20) and we must continue to earnestly contend to preserve it in the light of Eternity.

That is the Message the Apostolic Church preached that did not conform to this world but turned the world upside down for Heaven.

I want to conclude this Treatise by making a reiteration that all the Revelations of GOD s Holiness and Judgment received are dreadful.

No Modern Believer of the liberal gospel; Preacher or Follower had entered Heaven and none can enter even now on account of , among other damnable sins, the issue of preaching, believing and living with Off Divine Curriculum teachings.

The LORD Holy Spirit warned in Ezek 3:18-21, that if a wicked man dies in his wickedness without hearing a Divine Warning, both the wicked man and the wicked Preacher who should have warned him shall perish and the blood of the sinner required from the wicked backslidden Preacher who disappointed Destiny and chose the wages of unrighteousness.

Moreover, if the Righteous man backslides into sin without warning from a backslidden Modern Preacher, the Righteous man shall perish without any remembrance of his former righteous estate and his blood shall be required from the negligent modern paganism Preacher.

In Eph 5:11, the LORD warns that we should not have fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness, rather, they should be rebuked .

If you keep quiet at any iniquity, you are part of it for silence is equal to acquiescence and GOD judges those who have pleasure in sin as those who commit such sins. ( Rom 1: 32) and “whoever that partners with a thief hates his own soul ” ( Prov 29:24) .

All modern motivational, theosophical and social gospel Preachers ” for their sins and iniquities, shed the blood of the innocent in their congregation and polluted themselves with blood” ( Lam 4:13-14).

This verdict of spiritual execration is because they have refused to preach the commanded Message and are now required to account for the blood of all their Congregants in hell as herein afore captured in Ezek 3: 18-21.

Besides this, the defilement of the Society is traceable to the failure of most religious leaders to unequivocally teach the Hallowed Word of GOD and as aptly ventilated in Jer 50:6, ” My people have been a lost sheep because their Shepherds have caused them to go astray and turned to vain idols on the hills and mountains and forgot their Resting Place in EL’ ADONAI- SHALOM”.

This Divine guilt sentence on the Clergy was reiterated in Jer 23: 15 where it was succinctly revealed that the LORD JEHOVAH would punish them ” for from the Prophets of Jerusalem ( the modern Churchianity) is profaneness gone forth into all the land”.

Read the last three words again:…………………………….. all the land!

That is what modernity did: spreading profanities in all the land through most modern clergy trained by men and not by the LORD Holy Spirit, validated by religious certificates and not by Holiness and approved by religious councils and not by the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Head and Lord of the True Church which He purchased with His precious Blood.

Seeing the terror and the inescapable judgment of GOD, I weep for my soul!!!

Take a stand for the Cross and go back to the Heavenly Standard the LORD JESUS CHRIST laid for His Church today.

Fare thee well.