Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


Until you intentionally make your Salvation real , joy may never know thy habitation.

One of the things that certifies the joy of Salvation is Restitution .

Restitution means making wrongs to be right to the best of your ability.

It involves repentance from sin , confession and restoration of things lost, stolen or misplaced.
Restitution validates Sanctification and makes Holiness certain.

You can not steal another person’s goods or vilify another, probably destroying his destiny with your vitriolic tongue and think that you are still right with GOD.

Moreover, when we practice the Gospel of Grace alone without Truth, it leads to lawlessness but speaking only the Message of the Truth breeds legalism.

In Rom 13:8, we are commanded to owe no man nothing but love.
This includes money and properties borrowed from any person but still unreturned and in our hands.
If you have people’s properties or anything with you, you must restore it if you have any plan to enter Heaven at death.

Restitution humbles us and helps us to avoid sin because of the humiliation of Restitution.

In Lev 6: 2-5 , the LORD commanded a restoration of stolen items, repentance from and confession of malicious accusations and fallacious witnesses , including false swearing among others for Restitution to be accepted.

Furthermore, in Exod 22:4, a thief restores double of what he broke in and stole and in Deut 22: 1-3, your neighbour’ s straying sheep must be protected honestly by you and restored to him if you will be counted not guilty of the loss.

These laws distinguish GODs people as great and upright through all ages and generations and sets them apart from the heathen who have no Righteous, Just and True GOD over them .

Continuing, in Lk 19 : 8 , Zachaeus knowing the Law pledged to restore all he acquired by false accusation and the LORD JESUS declared in Vs 9 that ” this day is Salvation come to this house”

Are Public Officials hearing that?

You can not declare false electoral, church , official or business reports and enter Heaven or are you going to create your own Heaven of unrepentant thieves for your selves?

These moral laws were never abolished by the New Testament as some lawless and depraved Preachers say.

They were fulfilled rather by the LORD JESUS CHRIST as He said it Himself in the Sermon on the Mountain of Math Chapters 5 to 7.

Thou shall not bear false witness that time is still thou shall not bear false witness today.

Thou shall not steal or kill or commit adultery then is yet to change in the new Testament.

Don’t be deceived by Preachers in the modern social gospel churchianity across denominations who are after your pocket and would never teach you the hard truths of the Bible.

Concluding, please note that your blood is in your hands and you shall duly give account of every Word of GOD you heard and what you did with it and every idle word you utter irrespective of your title, position or accomplishments in life.

Fare thee well.

I shall return.