Shalom and Kingdom greetings from the LORD JESUS CHRIST, by whom, through whom, by whom, for whom, with whom, of whom and from whom all things subsist.

This period is what they call Valentine’s weekend.

It is a satanic festival that promotes lust, pornography, fornication, worldliness and all forms of immorality.

The end point of these sinful activities is separation from GOD on Planet Earth and in Eternity.

Valentine day is not found anywhere in the Bible and it is promoted by Satan to steal, kill and destroy the destinies of people , especially, youths.

Valentine day has many origins and the stories have nothing to do with what the world does in contemporary times.

Love is from GOD and GOD is Love ( 1 Jn 4:8 ).
Valentine one day celebration of lust, lasciviousness and concupiscence is far from GODs sovereign and everlasting Love.

CHURCHes that organize Valentine Programmes are worldly Assemblies who also borrow and conform to other sinful practices in the world.

Furthermore, Rom 12 :1-2 and Jn 17:14-16 warns expressly that Christians are NOT part of the world and these worldly festivities, propensities and tendencies.

Continuing, James 4:4 declared unequivocally that anyone who loves the world is an enemy of GOD.

Irreversibly, Modern, liberal Churchianity can NOT change GODs ultimate laws.

Those who celebrate Valentine’s day and other terrestrial festivals are not different from the heathen who celebrate fetish feasts for such events not commanded by the Scriptures are definitely NOT of GOD.

Moreover, Love has nothing to do with secret romance , pornography, fornication and worldliness that are trending in the world today.

The Love that GOD generates is patient, holy, pure and wise.

True and godly Love does not transgress GODs ineffable Laws.
It does not lead to fornication, pregnancy, abortion and destruction of the destinies of young people.

Flee all kinds of ungodly peer pressure that truncates people’s destinies and live to celebrate your future.

Avoid any invitation to any outing that is not a Christian Fellowship afternoon public meeting.

Don’t even discuss what happens there for the satanic organizers are filled with lies, seductions and destructive permutations to ruin your life.

Stay alone, read your books , do your work and secure your future in due time.

Many had made mistakes as youths and it took them to hell or destroyed their fertility and productivity in life.
Some of these mistakes are irrevocable as the deed had been done.

Pregnancy out of marriage wrecks the future of youths and abortion has eternal consequences.

Sinful pleasure is transient but damnable soon after.
Flee them now!

You have all you want from your Parents, godly Pastors and Guardians and GOD is able to perfect all things that concerns you as you obey His ineffable Words and live in Righteousnes and Uprightness all the days of your youthful life.

You are blessed and lifted up.
May the Blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST cover you and make you invincible to satanic fiery darts.

GOD be with you now and always in JESUS Name.
You are greatly loved and appreciated by your GOD and your 🏠 Household.