The Scripture is not an end in itself.
The purpose of the Bible is not to replace YHWH EL’ ADONAI.

GOD is a Holily Jealous GOD.
His Purity is complete and absolute.

The fundamental problem with modern congregational and religious perversions across denominations is:
” lack of the revelation of GODs ineffable Holiness and Judgement”.

When I received this Word a few years ago, I started a new journey unto GOD.

The Scriptures are meant to lead us to GOD Himself and not an end.

The Apostle Paul cried, ” that I may know HIM”.
That 💜 heart cry has eternal weight.

Here was a Pharisee, a repository of the old covenant laws and having encountered the Truth of the New Covenant of His Propitiation on the Cross, he saw the tragedy of his emptiness, a realm many Church leaders and theologians have not yet accessed with their lofty ecclesiastical positions.

The sin of wanting things instead of GOD, the LORD of Creation, is the greatest enemy of humanity.

Until the idolatry of self, lust and vanity are crucified, Humanity, Modernity and Churchianity remain lost despite their very busy and crammed-up secular and religious schedules.

The journey into the Crucified, Sanctified, Exchanged, Deeper and Separated Life is neither a five minutes drive nor buying ice cream after a workout.

The Church that promises men all manner of material prosperities and does not lead men to know HIM is a lost and soon damnable congregation.

We need to pay our bills, yes! But knowing HIM delivers us from running around to make ends meet to enable payment of those recurring bills.

Put differently, seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD and the Righteousness, and all these things shall be added. Math 6:32-33.


I do not speak because I lack things because I have learned to be content in every situation. Phil 4:11.

I speak because HE bids me to remain His witness at all times.

The extant congregational delusion that acquisition of material prosperities validates GOD’s Presence is an eternal calamity because if you can not conform to the Image of CHRIST in demeanour ( words, dress code, action) before you appear at the Gate of Eternity at death, you are irredeemably lost with all thy possessions.

The son of GOD shall return.