One of the most difficult moments in life is overcoming obstacles, crucibles and limitations in life ,career and calling.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST said that Heaven is for Overcomers alone!
Among other instances, in Rev 2 :26 and 3:5 and 21, ” to him who overcomes will I give…”

When you fail to overcome, you are still on the valley side of life but overcoming can cheer us up to the mountain top for a life of joy , victory and celebration, making everyone to delight in you.
No one loves Failures and humanity celebrates only Victors.

In Jn.1: 39, the LORD asked new disciples to ” Come and see”
When you are sure of what you are talking about, you can make such statements: Come and see!
I love that confidence!

I need constant victories to continue to brighten my paths of faith and testimonies for others to see.

Yes, say it with me:
Come and see what the LORD had done.

Furthermore, in Math 11: 4 -5 , the LORD JESUS answered His Inquirers, ..” Go and show John what you have heard and seen, the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, lepers are cleansed , the dead rise and the poor have the Gospel preached to them”

That is the joy of victory that has overcome circumstances and situations.
The LORD JESUS asked the doubtful to go and show others the Glorious Works of GOD!
When your Victories arrive , you will say like the LORD JESUS, Go and show John!
In this context, John represents all hindrances, doubts, fears and cynicism standing against your Victories.

One of the greatest Instruments of the overcoming life is OBEDIENCE.

In Isaiah 1: 18-20 , the Holy Writ says that ………..” Come now , let us reason together….if you are willing and obedient , you shall eat the good of the land …..but if you refuse , you shall be devoured..’

Obedience to GODs infallible Counsels opens the hard gate of obstacles and limitations.
The greatest attraction of Holiness is that it causes Heaven to Tabernacle in You and you can’t be a Habitation of GOD and live miserably, despicably and reprehensibly.
No, never!

Obedience includes saying no to sin and worldliness.
Slander , dishonesty, bitterness, worldly adornments, pornography, haughtiness, refusing to help the poor are disobedient lifestyles that keep our lives on the down side.

Obedience to the ONE True GOD , YHWH EL’ADONAI includes a life of Prayers, Worship and Service.

One of the things that enlivens and enamours my faith is the life of Divine Favours accessible through worship and serving the LORD.
What GOD has allowed me to access in life is higher than my qualifications and capabilities.
But, it pleased Heaven to show forth His Praise in my life overtime.

Again, Go and show John!

Continuing, when you serve the LORD and persist in it, He takes care of your needs and all obstacles and limitations give way to the Effulgent LIGHT of His ineffable Presence.

Service in His Name brings down His Blessings, heals sicknesses, grants longevity and certifies your Divine Protections as inscribed in Exod 23:25-27..

My beloved, Go and show all the Johns around!

Moreover, Obedience is the essence of holiness and it is the surest Foundation of the Kingdom of GOD.

Exod 28:36 through Zach 13: 20- 21 to the new Covenant in Math 5:8 and Eph 5:27 to Rev 22:11 speak severally of the engraving of the signet put on as a life garb showing : HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD.

When you tread on this Foundation of Holiness, to wit, Righteousnes, Truth and Justice, you will overcome all of life’ s challenges with effortless ease and enter Eternity with confidence.

Go and show John!!!!

Concluding , consciously step up your obedience to GOD on all matters.
Such is the validity of your Faith and the testimony of your consecration that yields good reports.

Do not be deceived by modern motivational speakers that make merchandise of the weak with hollow words.

Put your faith serving the LORD JESUS CHRIST alone and what He wrought for us on the Cross and see your life steadily overcome all obstacles and limitations in life.
It is these Victories that will cause others to say : “…Come and see” !

May this last quarter of the year obey you faith and yield excellent reports to you in JESUS Name.