Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


This matter has been settled in Heaven.
RES ADJUDICATA DIVINITUS: Once a matter is settled in the Eternal Court of Heaven, it can not be discussed again.

In Deut 34:4, the LORD informed Moses His Servant that ,
I have caused you to see the promised land with your eyes but you shall not enter into it.

A matter came up and was settled in the THRONE on High and when Moses interceded, the LORD directed him not to mention it again.

Moreover, in 2 Corr 12: 9, the Apostle Paul learned that GODs Ineffable Grace was higher than the vicissitudes and crucibles he was passing through as Heaven had decided that the path of thorns for him makes GODs Strength perfect in our weaknesses.

The Prophet Jeremiah pleaded for the forgiveness of the sins and iniquities of Judah but Heaven informed him that even if Moses and Samuel also interceded, the matter was already settled that Judah must be judged.
A tete’ lastai, a fait accompli and a matter that can not be re visited.
With this Knowledge, the Prophet reposed.

Continuing, it is the Light of the Knowledge of GOD s Glory revealed at the Cross that removes every darkness that afflictions bring into our lives.
Such is the ultimate encounter far higher than any human attainment.

It is this cognition or knowledge that conveys wisdom which leads to elavation in life , family and career.

The Prophet Zachariah discovered that this Knowledge called Epignosis is neither by might, nor by power but by the LORD Holy Spirit.
The purpose of this Knowledge is to increase in the Realm of the positive Supernatural in CHRISTJESUS.

John the Baptist called it: He must increase and I must decrease. Jn 3:30.

Furthermore, the more Knowledge we receive, the higher Truth we live with and this level of living by the Truth accelerates our freedom from sin, worldliness, sickness and all kinds of demonic limitations, oppressions, bondages,afflictions and yokes. Jn 8 32 -36.

Of the truth, anything you do not know is your Master.
A Physician may pay nothing to treat himself but when he wants to build a house , he must engage an Architectural and Civil Engineering firm for the ignorance of building technology is his master and he is under their extricable bondage.
2 Pet 2:19, Rom 6:19.

The is the crux of the matter as it concerns the Triumph of Divine KNOWLEDGE which has aforetime been irreversibly and irrevocably settled in Heaven!

Concluding, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.
Such Knowledge helps us to delicately discern issues in the light of Eternity and it is a conveyor of good reports.
It is the forerunner of effortless victories in the battles of life which makes the Elect a Highflyer in the multifaceted dimensions of life.

This consciousness leads us to its application: to know and dwell in wisdom, instruction and perceive the precious position of revelation and understanding and to live with discretion always. Prov 1:2 – 7.

Seek all things but do not forget to seek Knowledge.

Fare thee well.