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Shalom to all yours.

Continuing our Celestial discourse on the Cross, it is the Cross that is the epicenter of our FAITH in the new covenant.

A.W Tozer , my favorite Author introduced the old rugged Cross to me many years ago and differentiated it from the new modern age Cross.

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If we rest upon our own strength, we shall fail but our strength comes from His Life given to us on the Cross and proved by His ineffable Resurrection.

My hope in living the Separated, Crucified and Sanctified life is predicated on His ineffable Resurrection because in the midst of our contradictions and vicissitudes of life, we have this inner support, rock solid in our hearts, that because the LORD JESUS rose from the dead, we shall rise like Him.

HIS Triumph over death is the foundation and eternal Fountain ⛲️ of our unimpeachable faith.

His Resurrection after the agonies of the Cross and death is an amazing fact, a joyful wonder , an incredible truth, a radiant conviction and an infallible proof that the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the GOD of Eternity.

As it is written, the Mystery of Godliness is beyond our understanding for GOD was manifested in the Flesh!
1 Tim 3:16.

The Apostolic Christians of the first generation Faith held this Truth close to their 💕❤️ hearts: HE is Risen! and so we shall rise from all our troubles into the bliss of Heaven where HE is!
Living a victorious life is the purpose of the Resurrection.

They celebrated His Resurrection as a living proof that the Crucified Life is a victorious one and they never went back to their old life of idolatry, greed, pride, lust, false accusations, injustice and impunity.

These things are not taught in modern Churchianity doctrines across denominations, but they are New Testament Truths.

The resurrected life is the new life that places earthly pleasures of corruption far lower than celestial revelations and treasures.

For the Believer living the Crucified Life, he lives not with terrestrial time, but lives in the light of Eternity.
Earthly life is transient, but Celestial life is eternal.
We who have risen with the LORD JESUS, live circumspectly, carefully and righteously in the light of Eternity

He abandons human approval and seeks Divine approval.
Seeking human approval is living a plastic life, but seeking Divine approval is living in holiness.

He now knows that Church is not a Building 🏢 or a Cathedral.
No , he reckons that he is the church, the Spiritual Organic House built through His propitiatory Blood as a Habitation of GOD in the Holy Spirit.

He knows that GOD is not a religious belief but a Reality who makes him to live like Him as it is written, ” as He is , even so are we in this world” 1Jn 4:17.
Worshipping GOD is therefore done in Spirit and in Truth.

He carries on his daily chores with that consciousness that JESUS is Risen to give him ceaseless victories .
If the LORD JESUS broke the bars of the grave and rose, He would give me victory too!

He lives his life as an offering to GOD.
Not the offering giving in Church services, but a life offered to GOD as an acceptable, holy and faithful offering devoid of strife, pornography, worldliness,dishonesty, filthy lucre, duplicity, insincerity and jealousy.

He lives as a Stranger in his milieu and a holy Pilgrim who does not partake in heathen practices of sin, traditions of men, ungodliness and uncleanness.

Finally, he lives in spiritual loneliness in a crowd and not involved in unequal yoking with the wicked, but hides his life in CHRIST in GOD!

Until soon, GOD be with all yours.

The son of GOD shall return.