Tabernacle of Grace, Awka



Welcome to a new year according to the Gregorian Calendar.

Though January is not the first month of the year in the Bible Theological Calendar as Abib which corresponds to March to April is, ( Exo 12:18 ), we still welcome you in the Hallowed Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to a new dawn.

Nonetheless , we can continue to use this Calendar to spiritually assess and ultimately access the Pulsating Moments heralding the periods before the Rapture of the Saints as the curtain of this Dispensation draws to an irreversible end.


The Glorious Church is spiritually phenomenal as it had been written and must certainly emerge.

In Eph 5:25-27, it is written that ,,

“the LORD JESUS CHRIST gave Himself for the Church to sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of Water by the Word, that He might present the Church to Himself a Glorious Church without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish, but that the Church should be Holy and without any kind of sin”.

Take it or leave it, the Glorious Church is here!

It is the triumphant Assembly arising from the midst of the sinful last day challenges of the perilous generation.

The Glorious Church shall be victorious over sin and worldliness and emerge without fail from the midst of this depraved society shining like Light with unassailable effulgence.

In Col 1:22, it is also inscribed accordingly ..

“.. through the propitiation of the LORD JESUS CHRIST on the Cross, He would present the Elect , Holy and unblamable and irreprovable in His Own Sight”…

Did you observe the repeated active and spiritually measurable words that convey a Sanctified lifestyle devoid of sin and iniquity which had bufetted the modern , social gospel churchianity to a state of ignominy?

Continuing, In 1Thes 3: 11- 13, we see that,,,,

” GOD the FATHER and the LORD JESUS CHRIST shall make us to increase and abound in love and shall establish our hearts without reproach and in Holiness before GOD at the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST with all the Saints “….

The fundamental issue here is living a life without sin and worldliness.

Furthermore, In Jude 1:24, it is written that the LORD shall preserve us from all challenges, adding assuredly that ….

” Now , unto Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the Presence of His Glory with exceeding joy “

Finally, Col I:25-27 electrifyingly imputed the Hallowed Word that the….

” …..Riches of the Glory of the hidden Mystery since ages and generations are now made manifest to the Saints which is CHRIST in you, the Hope of Glory”


The Glorious Church is unimpeachably emerging from the debris of the backslidden worldly , social gospel Assembly of the 21st Century.

Listen to this:

” It shall come to pass in the last days, that the Mountain of the LORD s House shall be established on Top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow into it”
Isaiah 2:2.
This is that Spiritually reverberating moment before the Rapture when the Church Victorious shall take its Place of Dominion on Planet Earth with Holiness.

The Glorious Church shall be filled with the Fruits of Righteousness and walk worthy of the LORD and never be deserving of this sinful world as inscribed in Col 1:10 and Heb 11:38.


“WALKING WORTHY OF THE LORD” is GOD’s incorruptible Way to be part of the Glorious Church.

As the level of moral depravity, Iniquity and impunity continue to rise unashamedly, it has pleased the Good LORD to remind the Elect to strictly :

…….” walk worthy of Me , pleasing Me always , being filled with with the Knowledge of My Will and remaining fruitful in every good work and increasing in My Knowledge….”

This year , henceforth, the frequent preaching of and hearing of motivational messages:

…….. receive it , take it , claim it, tap into it and the extant execration called material prosperity messages which had been a nightmare to Heaven is no longer condonable……..

As sin , worldliness , massive financial/electoral and judicial fraud/falsehood/injustice which are an aberration had been accepted in a pervasively corrupt Society across sectors, covetousness concomitant with massive stealing and pillaging from the treasury in the public sector, including religious organizations, impure sexual affections, slander , strife , pride and idolatry are increasing in exponential proportions.

It has become imperative that only the commanded Messages of Repentance (Lk 24:45-47), the Cross ( 1Corr 1:18 – 24 )and the Kingdom of GOD (Acts 1:3 , Lk 4:43, Math 4: 17 ) are permitted to be preached and heard by the Elect if the Glorious Church shall be accessed.

Every other Message on Faith, Healing , Motivational Talks , Deliverance, Success and others must be the ones that lead Congregants to the LORD in continuing Repentance.

This is in the light of GODs incorruptible and infallible Standards in Eternity , which the modern, social gospel churchianity had fundamentally defiled with neo-faith, liberal, mammon and homosexual Theology .

The Message of Grace must without equivocation , be driven by the Truth to stem the ugly tide of increasing lawlessness and impunity across Institutions in the Society.

In Col 1:9-10, the LORD warned that the Sanctified in CHRISTJESUS must take heed and ” walk worthy of Him” alone and bear holy ( not worldly ) fruits meet for Repentance to partake in the Glory of the last Day Church.

As we walk worthy of Him, we can then become ” not worthy of this world” . Heb 11: 38.

How do we become not worthy of the world and how does the world not become not worthy and good for us ?


1 Corr 2:2 answers that question.

We are to live the crucified life alone for without the cross , there would be no Crown and no Glory.

We must constantly be separating ourselves from the mad , greedy and filthy crowd and looking unto the LORD JESUSCHRIST as our Eternal Model, Author , Foundation and Finisher in life.

➕The crucified life can not co-habit with worldly things, values, passions, fashions and adornments.

➕The crucified life can not compete with the ungodly in their satanic traditions and dirty customs which Jer 10: 2-8 aptly captured inter alia as …
“vain, heathenistic, brutish, foolish stock, doctrines of vanities…”.

➕The crucified life can not conform to the world and must neither dress like the world nor speak like the world if they want to access the Glorious Church.

➕ The crucified life lives a separated life and can not strive or quarrel or carry bitter resentment like the ungodly.

➕The crucified life is a life that is diametrically opposed to the pollutions and execrations of the secular society as it concerns ostentatious demeanour, financial, electoral and judicial corruption of the ungodly.

➕The crucified life does not bear false witness because he lives the ascended life that is completely ” not worthy of this world” as aptly captured and succinctly ventilated in Heb 11: 38.

By not being worthy of this world, it means that the Sanctified in CHRISTJESUS is simply too good to be part of this dirty world with their satanic traditions of slander, witchcraft, unrighteousness and ungodliness.

➕The crucified life lives a worthy life of our most holy Faith that contends for the Faith of the old rugged Cross that was once delivered to the Saints without negotiations and compromises.

➕The crucified life does not strive for vain glory or be mentioned with the lasciviousness of pornography, he or she does not steal what does not belong to him or her, does not pollute his life with pre, extra or post marital sex and the modern defilement of same sex relationships.

➕The crucified life is the life that walks worthy of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in preparation for the Rapture.
We live, looking up because we are risen with CHRIST and seek those things from Above as ventilated in Col 3: 1-3.


In all these Divine prescriptions, Where art thou?

Where art thou????

The above question was posed to Adam when he had sinned against GOD and supposedly hid from HIM.

Where art thou?
Gen 3:9

Are you in the 21st Century new modern social gospel Churchianity of liberal theology that entertains Congregants or are you still under the Divine Discipleship of the Old Rugged Cross that leads to Heaven ?


I am an old school Believer and Minister of the LORD and live still in the Old Paths of the Ancient Faith.

Hear ye this:

“Thus says the LORD, Stand you in the ways and see and ask for the old paths, which is the good way and walk therein and you shall find rest for your souls.
But they said that they would not walk therein.
….. Hearken to the sound of the Trumpet , but they said that they would not hearken”.
Jer 6: 16-17.

Can you see the deliberate disobedience of the apostate , reprobate and heretic Church?

The Gospel of the Old Paths that pungently rebukes sin is the solution to the modern madness buffeting the church where lawlessness, indiscipline and impunity have taken the front chairs in the Church.
So sad.

I love the old paths, the old hymn lyrics that carry the Hallowed Presence of the LORD in the Sacred Songs and Solos , the Ancient Modern Hymns and other edifying Hymnals .

I love the old King James Bible, the old rugged cross Theology, the old time Gospel, the old sermons on holiness that gravitate us to live honest and diligent lives with Fear of GOD , helping us to conform to the Image of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and prepares us for Eternity.


We are afraid of these light hearted, levity driven , modern trends that do not convey Fear of GOD in every way.

We loathe the vainglorious carnality of liberal theology which celebrates unscriptural feasts in the House of GOD like Valentine Day , Jeans carnival , Purgatory deliverance prayers, veneration of Angels and Queen of Heaven, Christmas day with its pagan pedigree, Easter Egg/ Cake and Easter day rather than CHRIST’ s Resurrection, Dancing competition, Beauty contest, Eating competition, New yam festival et al.

We love to worship the LORD JESUS where only the Word of GOD is obeyed as it matters to our souls greatly .

…….Where Church leaders lead in Righteousness and Holiness and show good examples in godly character and do not become a reproach to the Name of the LORD with avoidable scandals and impunities.

……..Where women put away their worldliness laden vanity boxes filled with demonic makeups and nude culture dress codes that produce what the Bible calls ….
“the attire of a harlot..” Prov 7:10.

Those images that speak falsehood and travesty and does not represent what the lady is:
the unbridled strange adornments , paintings and other repugnant properties of satan which they use to mock GOD’s Excellent Creation and call the LORD a bad Maker .

In Jer 5:1 and Ezek 22:30, the LORD asked the Prophet to search through Jerusalem for one single soul who is just and knows the Truth but the Prophet found none, not even among the backslidden, idolatrous and covetousness- driven Levites.

Is this modern paganism of the social gospel churchianity different?
I doubt.

The LORD JESUS had revealed that in many modern denominations, besides infants, not even one person had entered Heaven, including their prosperity Preachers!
So sad.

Do you doubt the Revelation?

Ask Him, for ” My sheep hear My Voice and I know them and they follow Me” Jn 10:27

Continuing, I love the Christianity of the Old Rugged Cross.

………Where men ,women and youths as Scripturally directed , adorn themselves in modest apparel covering their nakedness and with shamefacedness and sobriety and walk in love.

…….Where men ,women and youths dress with propriety as commanded , rather than seductively, provocatively and nauseatingly exposing their private parts.

………Where women look feminine and are lady like and men look masculine and gentlemanly and are taught virtues of honesty, diligence, truth , righteousness , justice, humility , service and most of all sanctification unto the LORD.

………Where children are not sexualized copying the world’s fashion and are taught to submit to their parents and godly elders.

…….Where Preachers live righteously , preaching straight from the Original Bible Versions and not a badly adulterated electronic device where many Scriptures had been removed or badly re written by the satanic new world order publishers to convey modern trends, corrupted traits, perverted tendencies and unholy propensities.

…….Where the love of GOD precedes all matters and brethren live in the light of Eternity and with a Sanctified Heart , rejecting worldly music , passions and celebrations.

This is the Christianity of the Old Paths!
#Jeremiah 6: 16

We must go back to THAT OLD TIME FAITH that moulds and prospers CHRIST in us by continual WORD and SPIRIT impartation.

We must opt for the only Truth and and take away like a menstruous cloth, the vile , modern, corrupted paganism called social gospel Churchianity that does not take any one to Heaven.


Concluding, a poor , blind or dead person/ people/ nation are not those who have not prospered in material wealth, but a person or people who have not known the LORD and the unimpeachable Foundation of His incorruptible Kingdom; His Righteousnes, Truth and Justice.
Deut 32:4, Jer 4:2, Math 23:23.

Such people have missed the beauty of the Glorious Church.

Such a person or people or denomination live in unfruitful works of darkness and rather than reprove them as commanded in Eph 5:11, they venerate them.

They support sin, iniquity and fraud because they gain from such utterly reprehensible depravities.

They support electoral and judicial falsehood , injustice and criminalities because they gain from them.

They enjoy worldly entertainments and adornments, wear worldly fashions , adore worldly passions and support everything worldly which makes them enemies of GOD . James 4:4.

Alas, an appalling , stupefying and horrible thing had been wrought in the land!

Their prophets prophesy falsely and their Pastors live in covetousness and My people love to have it so without knowing the eternal consequences. Jer 5:31.


Where art thou?

Are you ready to walk worthy of the LORD this year to partake in the beauty of the Glorious Church???

Please, Stay in the Christianity that sprinkles the Propitiatory Blood on the Elect as that is the Way to live a blessed life on this Pilgrim’s Progress, for GOD can not forsake His Children .

This is the True Fountain that makes CHRIST to be replicated in us as the Hope of our Glory, the Strength of the Sanctified and the Glory of the Elect.
Col 1:27-28.

This is the time to begin intentionally to walk worthy of the LORD in word and deed and conform to the Image of CHRIST in preparation for the Rapture.

Such Glory in the Church commands Heaven’s Blessings and other mouth watering benefits of Redemption.

This is the Way out of further denigration and retardation and the Way up into GODs bountiful blessings and Eternal Rest in CHRISTJESUS.

HalleluJAH .

I shall return.

Fare thee well.