Thanks for leading the discussion on false prophets but the easiest way to identify a false Teacher, Pastor, Prophet and indeed a false Evangelist apart from his or her unrepentant CHARACTER, is the CONTENT of what he preaches!

To discern a Prophet’s character is hard if you are not close to him or her and talebearing is sinful and can not be trusted in judgement.

Nontheless, the content of his message gives him out easily.

Does he preach the commanded Message of Repentance as directed by the LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself in Lk 24: 45-47.
Does he or she teach the continuing Message of Repentance that focusses on the Cross and godly Character proclivities as all the New Testament Preachers did.

The first words spoken by both John the Baptist and the LORD JESUS CHRIST are :. ” REPENT “. ( see Math: 3:1-2 for John and Math 4:17 for the LORD and Saviour of His Church ) and that was His last commandment before he ascended to Heaven in Lk 24: 45- 53.

When a Preacher does not condemn sin and transgression and lead Congregants to Righteousnes and Heavenly life like Apostles Paul, Peter , John, James, Jude did and these Apostles all learnt it from the Mighty GOD and Saviour; JESUS CHRIST.,,,, such a Preacher is indubitably false!.

When he preaches only material prosperity Messages and claims that GOD sent him to make people rich and prosper financially, he is an agent of liberal Theology and modern paganism which leads to hell for only the holy and the pure in heart ❤️ shall see GOD ( Math 5:8, Heb 12 :14 ) and not rich Bank 🏦 Account balance.

Search the Holy Scriptures, there is no verse in the four Gospels where the LORD JESUS asked us, not even by literal allusion, to preach on 💰 money.

Besides, there is no where the Eternal Owner of the Church spoke of money in the positive sense.
Pointedly, He referred to the sleigh of money as ” Unrighteous Mammon” ( Lk 16:11 ) and directed the Church to take heed and beware of covetousness for life does not consist of possessions.( Lk 12:15).

In Math 6:31-32, the good LORD referred to those who seek only material things as Gentiles or Heathen or unbelievers as some translations aptly captured it.

Continuing, in Vs 33, He directed the Elect to ” seek the Kingdom of GOD and His Righteousnes and all these things shall be added unto you”

Material prosperity is GODs business to add to the Elect when their lives are in holy order not the Elect satanically leaving their duty post and turning round to be chasing what the LORD had irrevocably promised to add to His beloved Children.

To validate this biblical contention and position, Deut 28:1-13 commanded us to hearken diligently and obey His Ineffable Words and the irreversible results are, inter alia:
Being set on high, multiple blessings at home and in the city, being above only, with other glorious blessings.

Furthermore, in Exod 23:25-27, the LORD commanded the Elect to serve Him alone and He would prosper, heal, preserve, provide, protect and grant the Elect longevity and GOD can neither fail in His promises nor speak falsely!

Covetousness laden Messages had crept into the Church with the Freemason driven Word of Faith movement that focusses on material possessions rather than the Cross.
Mundane possessions can never become a sign of godliness for even the heathen prosper.

Moreover, the message of Unrighteous Mammon breeds greed, filthy lucre and dishonest practices in the backslidden churches and multiplies insincerity, duplicity and self deceit among the unsanctified.

Furthermore, the issue of covetousness is seen by the LORD Holy Spirit as as “idolatry” in Col 3:5 and Eph 5:5, “the root of all evils” in 1 Tim 6:10 and seriously as “madness of the prophet” in 2 Pet 2:16 among other damnable references.

It has to be noted that, the preaching of any other thing outside the Message of Repentance, Righteousness, Sanctification, Faith towards GOD, Rapture of the Saints, Remission of sins and Judgement is preaching out of point and off Divine curriculum!

Every Biblical Theologian knows that there are scriptural commandments on what to emphasize!
This is what the FATHER called the Weightier Matters of the Law in Jer 9:23-24, the SON also listed them in Math 23:23 and the LORD Holy Spirit highlighted them in Acts 24:25.

When a teacher teaches elasticity of demand and supply in a Biology rather than an Economics class, he is teaching out of course outline.

Instructively, when a student answers thermodynamics principles in a Linguistics Examination instead of an Engineering course, that student has failed that course and can not graduate.

Similarly, when a teacher teaches and all Students failed the subject or course in the Examination, that Teacher can not be promoted.

All Preachers whose Congregants fail to make Heaven because he was teaching off Divine Syllabus, shall follow them to hell because he or she is carrying their blood on their hands.

I rest my case.

Fare thee well.