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I agree partially with Bishop David Oyedepo that only Three Verses of Scripture, when fully applied can Keep Your Family Peaceful, Healthy And Strong ||

The fourth one I added is found in Children obeying their parents!


Let’s see the Divine Book for them.


Anything GOD created is good .
Marriage and family life are part of them.

When we reckon these unimpeachable instructions, the siege of marital and family storms shall be over in JESUS Name.

But don’t get smarter than God, only Divine Inscriptions can keep your family healthy , glowing, flowering , blossoming and perpetually strong .


In Ephesians 5:23-25;
the Word says that the husband is the head of the wife (many social gospel modernists will not agree with this ) even as Christ is the head of the church and is the Saviour of the Body.

If you fail in this one, you have failed in all .
A wife that does not know this is a headless human being and that wife should be a demon for only demons are shapeless, sometimes headless and with grotesque features.

A husband that does not lead the family as head in financial, intellectual, spiritual and physical provisions has failed this Divine test.

Many fathers have failed Destiny.
Some are not qualified to be called fathers except because they have semen and cells to deposit in the wife’s ovaries during copulation.

When a man can not lead the family in prayers, Bible Studies, moral instructions, physical protections, emotional intelligence and material provisions, what kind of head is that?

May Grace find you responsible enough to wake up, step up your family game and live up to afore ordained Scriptural Responsibilities in JESUS Name.

Continuing, verse 24 indites accordingly;
therefore as the Church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be subject to their own husband in everything.
Are wives hearing the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY?

Submission is the key!.

Many women are still small rebels and are not qualified to marry based on this Scripture and many men are still boys and are not qualified to marry based on the previous verse!

When a wife does not submit to her head, that wife is a girl who is still far from marital expectations and positions.

When I reckon what is happening in diverse homes these days, I become weary of Marriage Announcements.

Many women have neither character nor value that they will bring into marital relationships.

Just like when some boys fail in academics and business, they push them to auto (mechanic) repair vocation, many ladies depend on ” good ” husband to make a good life and their parents are to be blamed for not giving them value through education and or skill acquisition.

Furthermore, Verse 25 says, husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself to the Church.


Men loving their wives like the LORD JESUS loves the Church is a herculean task and many of us men, are struggling with this!

Can any man give his life for his wife?
This is a hard teaching but it is the incorruptible and inerrant Word of GOD.

Responsible men love their wives and do anything to keep them happy, alive and responsible.
These sacrifices are tantamount to giving their lives for their families.

They go without food or good clothes to feed and pay family bills, School Fees and Hospital bills.

Most responsible men deserve a lot of applause to the ineffable Glory of GOD for all the desperate and profound sacrifices they make to keep the families going.

Most responsible women also deserve all the affection and attention for their responsive sacrifices at the home front.
Waking up earlier than others and heading to the Kitchen daily among other domestic chores are not small sacrifices!


Finally, the fourth one is found in Eph 6:1-9 concerning children in the home.

Here children and other servants in the house are commanded to obey their Parents and Guardians so that all round wellness will be theirs.

This wellness includes freedom from Satanic oppression, good health, academic success, physical strength, favours, longevity and other good reports.

Following this revelation is that parents should treat their children, including other servants with dignity and love to avoid bitterness and other offences!

This fourth verse makes the home peaceful, prosperous and fruitful with lusciousness and the home becomes Heaven on Earth ( Deut 11:21).


If you live by the principles of those four verses, you will have a super healthy and prosperous home.

There is no husband who genuinely loves the wife as Christ loves the church that will not secure the submission of the wife and the approval of Heaven for good reports.

There is no wife who generally submits without a Merchandising mentality to the husband that would not enjoy the love of the husband in return but people are waiting for the other one to do it first.

People say , look when he loves me, then I will submit, that is what carnal wives say!

When he submits then I will love him, so says carnal husbands.

All of such folks do not know the LORD!

Satan says something different from the Word and you agree and say that’s the best thing to do.
I am sorry for you!
You have missed Heaven.!!
Heaven is for the obedient not the rebellious!!!

When this happens,
all of such folks start fighting at home.

Do your part, the other part will flow.

No nobody rejects love, nobody rebels against love.

If you truly love your wife like Christ loves the Church, she will submit willingly.

If you willingly submit to your husband, not fake, not eye service, not commercial submission of when he brings money, you will win his love.

Most women behave like parasites only taking and receiving and never contributing anything and some men behave like liabilities and never accepting any responsibility to take the family to higher visible heights.

These are extreme situations not designed by GOD as His perfect will for any relationship!

So play your part, get the devil out of your house and family.

In many families, it is the sacrifice of one godly partner that keeps the union alive.
Everybody can not be mad at the same time.

Be the person that would do the sacrifice and Heaven would not forget your labour of love!

Of all the volume of books we are writing on Faith, Sanctification, Kingdom Life, Marriage and Family life, this is the conclusion of the whole matter:

1.The LORD JESUS is the Head of all,

2. Husbands love your wives,

3. Wives submit to your husbands


4. Children obey your parents!

Take this four verses and have your rest.


The LORD spoke to my heart recently.
I tweeted and uploaded it on my other social media handles as follows.

” What the Church across denominations need is REPENTANCE and not more prayers or any such thing”

Without Repentance, our prayers , giving, worship and other religious services are vain before GOD.

The prayer of a Sinner is detestable before GOD as the Holy Writ inscribes.

The prayer of a dishonest and wrathful business man, an electoral fraud perpetrator , a rebellious and unfaithful spouse , a disobedient child et al, are all noise before the LORD who is called in my Theological Triple Triplett:
Holy, Holy Holy, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Who is , Who was and Who is to come.

With Repentance, His Ineffable Presence beautifies us.

I decree peace and repose on every storm in every family, peace be still in the name of Jesus.

I decree reconciliation and restoration to every separated family.

Every threat of divorce is canceled in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

The siege of barrenness is over today and because you serve the Lord, you shall be fruitful.

It is forward ever from now!

This year will deliver your miracle healings, wealth, connections, marriages, children., lands, houses, cars, admissions, graduations and longevity in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Remember, in all you do, live with a Sanctified lifestyle in the light of the Glorious Return of the LORD for only the pure shall see Him as HE is Pure. 1 Jn 3: 1-3.

If it is only in this life we have hope, we are of all men most miserable as 1Corr 15:19, inscribes.

Rapture consciousness makes me holiness conscious for only the pure in heart shall see GOD ( Math 5:8).

If you are living in sin and prospering, please note that it is not the LORD JESUS CHRIST that is prospering you.
It is the Dragon, that old Serpent that is making your trajectory to hell fire without Repentance a certainty.

Live peacefully and holily with all folks.
Separate yourself from traditions of men and worldly pleasures, lustfull dress codes, affections and their putrid passions and execrations such as fraudulent activities, alcoholism, gangsterism, strife , injustice, covetousness, adultery, false accusations, haughtiness and all the works of the flesh.

If you have University Degrees , good business, cars, house, wealth or Children, thank GOD for you, but if you do not have these earthly toys, please strive to make Heaven.
The Gospel is to lead us to Heaven. Eph 1:9-11.

If you are living in opulence and affluence, thank GOD for you, but if you are struggling, please , strive to make Heaven.
The end of the Gospel is Heaven. Jn 14: 1-4.

The neo gospel of modern Cross Churchianity makes suffering as if it is a sin but it is through the crucibles of living that the fat deposits of sin are crucified for us to live in Righteousness. Gal 6:14.

Remember, without Holiness, no eye shall see GOD (Heb 12:14)
despite what the modern, social gospel, churchianity of hyper grace across denominations repugnantly teach.

Receive abundance of Shalom to all yours.

Fare thee well