Greetings in the Name above all names: JESUS CHRIST, by whom, for whom , through whom, with whom , of whom and for whom all things subsist.

Shalom to thee and thy 🏠 Household.

Everyone on Planet Earth has a need.
But the highest need of humanity is Salvation in CHRIST JESUS.
Everyone needs to know the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who created humanity and gave His Precious Life to purchase humanity from sin, moral depravity and ultimate destiny declivity.

If you are not yet saved by the precious Blood of the LORD JESUS, your life has no meaning and eternal damnation becomes inescapable when you die.
GOD forbid, please.

When one has been saved, his or her uppermost need as a Believer in CHRISTJESUS is Sanctification.

When the spiritual motion of Sanctification has been set, it conveys the Annointing needed to do exploits in life and career for GOD can not forsake a holy vessel transformed in His Image and likeness.
No one gets to the Top and keeps moving without the sensitive issue of godly Character.

Acquisition of higher certificates, positions, money, matrimony and indeed everything, is held together by the IRREPRESSIBLE power of discipline, uprightness and holiness.

This character requirement is indispensable in the light of eternity for when all is said and done, what will be required at the Gate of Judgement in Heaven, is not your certificate, your car, house or number of children you got, but your unblemished Character propensities without guile or spot.

Moreover, when men and women hail financial success and relegate Character, an inevitable fall comes soon after for such Societies.

When you see folks who rise by default to positions without requisite uprightness to match, in demeanour, their lives are replete with unsavoury manifestations like prejudice, temper tantrum, nepotism, envy, dishonesty, filthy lucre, fornication, pride, false witness, bitterness, fraudulent policies , injustice, pornography, witchcraft and all forms of satanic profanities.

Until we get back to the Message of Repentance and Righteousness as commanded by the LORD in Lk 24:45-47, so long the Church may not impact the depraved Society.

We must first seek the Kingdom of GOD and the Righteousnes and everything shall fall in place. Math 6:32-33.
Do not follow the heathen to seek vile and mundane things without godliness.

If the LORD JESUS said so, it is so.
Only the heathen seeks things without encounter with godliness.

No more running around and turning aimlessly shall be condoned, if you are preparing for the Rapture.

Modernism can not replace GOD’s Standards.

Continuing our discourse, the widespread accusations of merchandising in the Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is real.

It is because, the True and commanded Message was ostensibly forsaken by most Preachers across denominations.

There are denominations who do not mention sin on their pulpits.
They call it challenges, weaknesses and human frailties.
They emphasize material prosperity, breakthrough, success and the pursuit of happiness and vanities in life , thereby making their Congregants earthly relevant and eternally useless.

Such denominations are NOT of GOD.
They have an eternal Status of ” LOST ” as they are preaching another Gospel and are therefore cursed as inscribed in Gal 1:8.

Furthermore, when the emphasis in most denominations is on wealth, financial and mundane acquisitions and there is less or no mention of salvation from sin and victory through the LORD Holy Spirit over anger, lust, greed, pride and other iniquities, it gives credence that the modern paganism called liberal Churchianity has missed the mark of the High Calling of GOD.

The LORD JESUS has been graciously granting many people revelations about eternity across Nations and Continents.

He does that because He knows that the current status of many denominations is ” LOST” and their greedy Preachers and gullible Congregants can not make it to Heaven.

As He said:

Hell 🔥 fire is unbearable. Warn the Churches and Preachers to go back to the Message of Repentance, Righteousnes and Holiness.
Many are perishing because genuine Repentance is no longer preached as Preachers had turned to the dangerous gospel of material acquisition and souls I died for are being turned into hell.

I know the needs of my people and focusing them on things I promised to add if they seek My Kingdom and its Righteousnes is enlarging hell.
My people should be conformed to Me and all I have will be theirs.

Can you hear the Saviour’s Voice calling us back to sanity?

GOD have mercy!

Satan makes Ministers to keep quiet about sin and the eternal and irreversible damnation in hell.
Many people in hell are cursing their Pastors and Parents for not warning them about sinful character manifestations.

Many Preachers went to hell, among other damnable sins, they had failed to preach the Truth and now carried the blood of their Congregants and Family Members to perdition.
They preached off Divine Syllabus and quoted men rather than GOD.

What a tragedy!

The LORD JESUS warned that the dangerous gospel of material prosperity is not from HIM but from Satan as it emphasizes Grace without the Truth and Grace as a licence for sin , lawlessness, worldliness and licentiousness.

Concluding, I beseech you to consider this worthy counsel:

If your Denominational teaching does not change you, change your denomination in the light of the unescapable reality of Eternity.

For detailed revelations on the Mind of Christ on all matters pertaining to life and godliness, freely access: The Mind Of Christ Book (by Pst. Dr. ORA Okechukwu)

The title of the expository Book is THE MIND OF CHRIST and it amazingly contains 1,125 Scripture References that incontrovertibly illuminated the Biblical Postulation on the Mind of Christ for lost Humanity.

It is the second of my five Books published in both hard copy and soft copies and the online version was uploaded about twelve years ago.

Fare thee well.