Rejoice! I say it again, Rejoice for thy Redemption draweth very close.

The Word of GOD should be thy joy and the irrepressible rejoicing of thy soul.

Look for it, study it, meditate on it and act on it and thy Cup of blessings shall overflow!

Do not allow children of satan with their negative energy to distract your ❤️ heart.
Whatever they do or say is their perdition.
Walk steadily in Victories accessible in CHRIST JESUS alone.

The LORD never uses anyone who has not crossed over his Valley of Baca.
The Valley of Baca is the lowest point , your Cross and bitter experiences before your Mountain Top Encounter with Victories.

They come in phases and you must pass through all of them to complete Victories in CHRIST JESUS.

Those jealous snares from the enemy camp, disappointments, painful betrayals, grief, injustice, prejudice, loneliness, false accusations and ingratitude are not your problem at all.
Even in all these contradictions, Heaven’s Mysterious Silence to you, is a Divine Sign of your appointment with Destiny to conquer!
The LORD JESUS passed through them and overcame and had long decreed the same Path for His Elect, the sons of GOD!

In all these, as you are processed for Divine Qualification, remain poised and keep your eyes on the Cross because your Crown 👑 is under contention.

The LORD uses those seemingly bitter experiences to prune you and make you to die to the world and its putrid profanities, carnalities and mundanities.
He will draw you closer to Him as you overcome striving with them and seek His uttermost Salvation found only in HIM by HIMSELF and through His Blood.

Draw the water of the Word for Joy from the Well of Salvation.
Let the LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself be your Joy and your Stability, not your job, spouse, children, status or properties.
These things pass away but your relationship with the LORD is Eternal.
He is our Great, Mighty and True GOD and Eternal Life.

You can’t be part of this vanity driven world and partake in His Holiness and further Revelations for guidance.
The Egyptians you see today , you shall see their end and their shame soon , but do not be an Egyptian with ungodly character propensities!
No you can’t live with anger , pornography and dishonest demeanour and see HIM.

Separate yourself now!

Keep your Rejoicing untainted for that is the validity of your Faith.
Keep your Hope alive for it is the oxygen of Faith and when your Faith increases, your Blessings shall be multiplied.

Again, Rejoice continually for in Him is everlasting Strength.

REJOICE always !
See you on the HALLELUJAH side soon!