Tabernacle of Grace, Awka

Shalom and Grace be multiplied unto all yours.

Continuing our Divine Treatise on Co Crucifixion, we shall discuss Loneliness as part of the Life Crucified.

In Part 2, we introduced the Resurrection and living the victory of the Resurrected life as a proof of the sanctified, victorious, separated, exchanged and crucified life in CHRISTJESUS.

In Part three , we shall discuss the triumph of the loneliness of the Way of the Cross .

Psalm 27:4 says that the only thing that matters is to ” seek the LORD, dwell in His 🏠 House all the days of my life to behold His Beauty and enquire in His Temple”.

The sanctified life is a lonely trip that enamours the Priesthood of the Elect.
Psalm 34:10 says “they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing”.
My soul thirsts after thee as a thirsty land ( Ps 143:6) and my soul waits upon GOD as my expectation is from Him ( Ps 62: 1-5 ).
O GOD, thou art my GOD, early will I seek thee, my flesh longs for thee…, my soul follows hard after thee….Thy Right Hand upholds me….(Ps 63:1 and 8 ).

The Crucified Life keeps seeking Him , not to seek Him and go back for a tea break as we do now, but to continue seeking, thirsting and following after His Love to be conformed to the Image of CHRIST.

When we stop longing after Him in worship, witnessing and prayer , we fall back to the lifelessness of the modern paganism called social gospel Churchianity of the 21st Century across denominations.

The Fullness of GOD can only be accessed by the Gospel of Grace and Truth available in the propitiation of the Cross.

The full Gospel is of Grace , not just Grace , but Grace and Truth.

Grace without Truth produces modern irresponsible, lousy and unbridled character manifestations.

Truth without Grace produces legality and religious wickedness in the House of GOD.

Grace must season the Truth to produce CHRISTlikeness!

The Gospel is the Power of GOD that saves.
Rom 1:16.

It changes lives when we read it and believe it by the Power of the LORD Holy Spirit.

When we get hold of the Word and apply the faith of the Cross to appropriate them into our lives, it works!

Anger , pride dishonesty and lust give way to joy , meekness, purity and spiritual responsibility.

The Word of GOD is defined as ” lively oracles ” in Acts 7:38 .
Living Oracles or logia zonta from the original translation means living doctrines that produce Divine Life upon obedience.

In 1Pet 4 : 11, we are commanded to speak as ” oracles of GOD”.

Here oracles ( logion) implies a Divine answer to challenges of life.
It is to speak celestially without human input.

The heathen listen to their dead gods during their incantations, how much more should Christians obey the Word of GOD, the perfect law of liberty, which is our infallible and unimpeachable Revelation from On High in all affairs of life .
HalleluJAH .

The price we must pay is that of Separation.

GOD does not compete with things in our 💕 hearts.

A Separated Life enables Him to speak into our 💜
hearts when our earthly madness and ungodly crowd are removed.

Separation enables consecration for a Heavenly life and this is the heart of the matter as modern Churchianity does not know this truth.

Modernity is earth bound and can not delicately discern separation and sanctification experiences.

In the Crucified Life, it is you and GOD as it is the ” Hart that pants after the water Brooks. Ps 42:1.

In the Crucified Life, no one can declare your readiness for the life of faith, your justification and your deliverance but GOD.

No one can sanctify you and redeem you from the Adamic nature but the LORD Himself who paid the price of our Salvation on the Cross of Calvary.

Rom 4 :25 and 5:1 say that we were justified with His Resurrection and have peace with Him by our faith in Him.
This is the CHRIST centric circle ⭕️ of our Redemption journey.

This is what makes us to keep seeking Him, more of Him , less of us while we still long after Him..
….No retreat and no surrender.

It is this level of continuing desperation that grants us access to elevation in the affairs of life and still , we continue to look for Him.

The separation that results in loneliness give s GOD access to fill us as far as we are free to have Him.

The higher the vessel, the higher the out pouring!

The deeper the pot , the higher the quantity of infilling!
HalleluJAH .

We need proper Guidance to get it right always.

One of the problems of growing in CHRISTJESUS is this palpable issue of serving under an average living Pastor who cannot see or hear GOD.

In this case , the Elect must seek GOD beyond the pulpit, the Veil and the Pattern he sees.

Such had been the case of many brethren over the years and it had not been easy as they keep seeking for the LORD beyond the carnalities, mundanities and profanities going on in the worldly adornments, materialism and shallow faith worship all around us.

That is the making of the Priesthood of the Elect alone, without a crowd who do not think of Heaven but earthly pleasures, possessions and achievements.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the GOD of Creation and Redeemer of the lost world.
He is not a Religious Toy to be manipulated for our selfish schemes.
Until the world and the Elect encounter a Divine revelation of the Saviour, so long they continue to be misled by vile agents of the Global New World Order including modern, liberal, hyper Grace, 21st Century, merchandising Churchianity into damnation and perdition.

Concluding, the Crucified lonely Life must be driven by Faith.
The bleeding woman touched the hem of His Garment alone amidst a surging crowd by faith and power was released as inscribed in Lk8:46-48.

Genuine Faith is built by the Word.
The sanctification, crucifixion and separation required for a fruitful 🍓 life in CHRISTJESUS must be preceded and run concomitant with constant Word 🚿 bath which must guide the character of the Elect.
These levels are oiled in the serene atmosphere of loneliness!

Do you do what the world does or do you do it the Word Way which is lonely and persecution oriented ?

If you are on the Word Way, then , you are alone and living the Crucified Life replete with false accusations, painful experiences, denial, rejection, delays, disappointments, betrayals and amazingly Heaven’s Sovereign Silence amidst your vicissitudes and sufferings.

But at last , you will begin to drink of the Rivers of Life accessible to the lonely Seekers!

Here , life applicable revelations, mouth watering provisions, heart 💜 warming directions and undisputed protections are released for the Sanctified living the Crucified Life in loneliness amidst a corrupt crowd.

The son of GOD shall return.

Until soon, GOD be with all yours.