Title: The Mind Of Christ

Category:  Christian Faith

Author: Pst. Dr. ORA Okechukwu

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Your instructions over the past two decades harvested good reports in my life, to the glory of



Precious Lord, your Love for the Truth shall continue to preserve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ from the decimation and depravity of this warped generation.



Thanks a trillion times, my Precious Teacher, Guide and Comforter.




The church service had just ended and a fervent sister said to me; “Pastor Okechukwu, why is it that the Bible says that we have the mind of CHRIST and still, we get angry, fail examinations and carry all manner of impurities in our hearts?” I tried my best to answer her question and scripturally assuage her feelings of seeming despair and despondency with little success.


After some days, as I was approaching my gate after another day’s church programme I began to hear from Heaven, the mouth watering revelations inscribed in this book.


The mind of Christ is a mind that had been purchased by the perfect Blood of the Lord Jesus, possessed by the Holy Spirit who had incubated the person’s spirit and quickened it to the extent that the Holy Spirit now uses the word of God to transform the mind so that the recipient stands in the stead of the Lord Jesus Christ, thinking like Him, talking like Him and acting like Him.


The mind of Christ is the soul that can no longer be conformed to this world but is renewed by the Lord Holy Spirit through the instrumentality


of the engrafted word of God to the extent that in all things, he proves the perfect will of God as his reasonable service and he receives without measure his requests from the Lord without hindrance.


Consequently, the now quickened spirit of the person is pervasively illuminated by the Holy Spirit unto a realm where “deep calleth unto deep.” The eternal Spirit who makes the spirit of man alive unto God using the word of God also quickens the mortal body of man and makes his flesh unmolestable by forces of darkness, affliction and infirmity. In this way, the Lord completes the triune redemption of the spirit, soul and body of man.


The mind of Christ is one of the most important spiritual encounters any person can have. It is the validity of redemption. It is a natural effect of a genuine salvation and sanctification experience in the Lord.


With the mind of Christ, every believer does as occasion serves him: thinking, talking and acting the way the Lord Jesus could have acted if He was physically present.


The full consciousness of the mind of Christ is the exact antidote to strife and contention in relationships, homes and societies.


The mind of Christ nullifies lack of divine direction, faithlessness, prayerlessness, wordlessness and poor evangelical attitude in the life of Christians.


It excommunicates academic failure and examination misconduct. It invalidates career stagnation and business failure.

It condemns sin, transgression and habitual misdemeanour


It rules out spiritual dryness, depression, cynicism and despair. It is opposed to poverty, sickness and careless deaths.

It cancels anger, immorality and the unbridled instincts of avarice and materialism.


It is the cure for electoral fraud and error of judgment by judicial officers.


It renders void official recklessness, corruption and irresponsibility in offices, institutions and governments.


It nullifies indecent dressing, secret romance, marital infidelity and unrestrained sexualism in the society.


It can never be over stating the fact if one rightly inputs that the exposition on the mind of Christ is the final revelation for dominion under the new covenant of Christfullness.


The mind of Christ is the life of Heaven on Earth which is guilt free, strife free, fear free, sin free, bitterness free, lust free, filthy lucre free, sickness free, poverty free and sorrow free.


As you read this spiritual treatise, you will discover how deep, how high, how wide and how long the love of God for us is and how truly unsearchable are His riches in Christ Jesus for the redeemed.



Prepare to encounter the mind of Christ through His Resurrection power as you assimilate these scripturally validated truths.


You are moving to the next level of victory where rest and good reports are your sure heritage in Christ Jesus. Shalom.





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January, 2009




Thanks a trillion times my God and my Father; Jehovah ADONAI, for leading me once again to write about you. That afternoon when you revealed to me that you did not save me to only attend and preach at church services but to be like you; in thought, in word and in deed, I knew that my mind must undergo a divine transformation. This book is one of the invaluable fruits of that encounter many years ago.


Secondly I wish to appreciate my students in different Campus Fellowships and church members alike whose endless calls goaded me to write yet another book after the heart warming revelatory exposition in the compendium titled “ye are gods” Springfield Publishers (2008). To my beloved Christian students, anytime they called me during vacations or after graduation and informed me that they were missing my messages in their respective cities, I always supplicated thus, “Lord Jesus, help your children”. This book is an extension of that prayer.


Thirdly, I hereby solemnly acknowledge the following servants of the Lord whose personal interactions with me or pulpit ministrations positively imparted me. Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa (1938 – 1998)


Pastor William Kumuyi, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Paul Nwachukwu, Bishop Maxwell Korie, Pastor Charles Egeonu and numerous others, even outside Nigeria whose print and electronic releases and life in Christ Jesus not only challenged me but caused me to take new decisions in the word of God which the Holy Spirit used to mould the mind of Christ in my life.


Finally to my beloved wife and sweetheart, Sister Obiey and our children; NlotaifeJesusmelum, JigidemJesus and EkenekamjibiaJesus. You are my forever lovers and after loving you all, I am beginning to understand the depth, the height, the width and the breath of God’s love for mankind.


Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, immeasurably and abundantly, above all that we ask or desire, according to the power that is at work in us, to lead us to walk worthy of Him continually and to make us perfect in every way, through the Lord Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.





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