Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


In this short treatise, we shall discuss the Cross, its meaning to the Elect and the benefits to those who believe.

It is hoped that those who are determined to be delivered form the deceptions of Religion shall embrace these Scripture driven Truths and live the exchanged , crucified, sanctified and victorious life accessible only in CHRISTJESUS.


What is the Cross for the Elect?


The Cross is no longer the old rugged wooden stuff where the Dearest and the Best was brutally slain for our sins.

Today , the Cross represents the contradictions of life that the LORD permits to prune you of excess flesh, self , worldliness, sin and pride and draw you nearer to Heaven.

The Cross includes false witness, grief, wrongful accusations against the innocent, agonies, yet to be answered prayers, persecutions, needs, sorrow , delays, afflictions ,loneliness, pains, rejection, official oppression, injustice and most of all Heaven ‘s temporary Silence in the midst of your struggles.

As you carry your cross on the Way of Holiness, Heaven gives you inner Support to enable you die to anger, lust, greed, pride, pornography, envy, dishonest practices, strife, carnal adornments and worldliness and qualify you by the Blood of JESUS for Heaven.

The Cross and its experiences draw you closer to GOD as your Prayer life and Word Study life increase.

When you see yourself dead to anger, greed pride, fornication and other propensities of the flesh, you then reckon that you have been crucified and Heaven has gained a repented and converted soul .
That is when true salvation is accessed by the Israel of GOD.

I pray for you to pass through your Cross experiences , life crucibles and harsh encounters and come out clean, sanctified and holy to the Glory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

You shall be lifted from those experiences to live the Divine Victorious Life ordained for us in the Holy Spirit without sin and worldliness.


Continuing, note that
“The greatest benefit of the Cross is the uttermost salvation of the soul of man”.

If you are in Church to get a husband, acquire profitable connections for upward career mobility, healing of any sickness or deliverance from any affliction, you are in His Church for the wrong reason.

The ultimate purpose of the Cross and Redemption is to harvest your soul from sin to Righteousnes and up to Heaven. Eph 1:9-11.

Every other thing like marriage , deliverance and financial settlements shall follow as He promised but your soul is His ” raison detre” for His Divine Mission to Planet Earth and His painful passion on the Cross.

If one’s life has been ravaged by challenges and the vicissitudes of this Earth, he can approach GOD, but the fundamental reason should be the salvation of his soul from the bondage of sin, as iniquity is a separator and the major insulator between GOD and man. Isaiah 59:1-4.

No matter the crucibles of life you encounter, thy soul’s ultimate salvation is more important to Him than any other prayer desire!



The Message of the Cross is a sin rebuking, holiness imparting, discipline oriented, sanctification laden, deliverance driven and Heaven focussed teaching.

The agonizing brutalities that the LORD JESUS experienced on the Cross are excruciatingly unbearable and indescribable.
He was cruelly battered beyond recognition. Isaiah 52:14.

However, the Cross was made to be the Divine Bridge between sin and Righteousnes, sickness and Divine health, demonic oppression and deliverance/freedom by the LORD Holy Spirit, poverty and Divine prosperity and the eternal Bridge between hell and Heaven.

The Message of the Cross breaks every limitation in life, career and ministry, it destroys every kind of satanic oppression and affliction, it removes every bondage and yoke that insults Redemption and insulates GOD’s Holy People from their Divine Inheritance.

The Cross crucifies the flesh and is the Divine Instrument for terminating the old life of sin, hate and depravity.

When we go to the Cross, the old rugged Cross and not the modern new Cross, we are transformed.

The modern age cross accommodates sin, worldliness and other forms of mundanities and profanities like celebration of Valentine day, ungodly character manifestations like strife and pornography, nude and madness driven dress codes, wild painting and corrupt orgies of bleaching the body, carnal adornments like strange hairs, strange nails and strange eye lashes among other abominable fashions and demeanour.

There must be a difference between Bible driven Christianity and modern paganism with their worldliness and vile conduct.

You can’t be working in an Organization with a false age declaration or a fake academic, marriage or residency certificate and be paying tithes to the Church.
Which Church?
The Church of the LORD or the one superintended by mortal men whose lives are laden with filthy lucre.

Light and darkness have nothing in common.
You can’t be a Christian and be part of the world.

The LORD JESUS said in Jn 17:14, 16 that we are not part of the world and in Jn 15:19, He said that the world should hate us because He chose us to be different from the world.

In Corr 6: 14, it is written that we should not be unequally yoked with the world for Light has nothing in common with darkness.
In James 4:4, He warned that those that are friends with the world have become GODs enemies and in 1Pet 2:9, it is reiterated that we are a holy nation called out of the world into His marvellous Light!

The old rugged Cross destroys the root of sin such as anger in the heart, it crucifies immorality, envy ,pride, bitterness, greed, dishonesty, self centered living and other abominable practices.

The Cross regenerates the new life in CHRISTJESUS and makes the enemy totally impotent to separate man from His Saviour.

The Cross delivers us from this sinful world and grants us ceaseless victories in every aspect of living for the LORD.

The Cross delivers us from unforgiveness, unbridled greed for wealth and positions and sets us free from incurable attachment to vanity.

I love the Christianity of the old rugged Cross that venerates Righteousnes and Holiness not this modern paganism that nourishes sin and misdemeanour and celebrates all kinds of vanities, depravities and profanities.

I am crucified with the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
I live for HIM alone and HE graciously lives in me. HalleluJAH!

The life that I live, I live in the ineffable Faith of His Precious Blood that was shed to deliver me from the dominion of darkness and translate me to His eternal Kingdom of effulgent Light.

I can no longer frustrate the Grace of GOD through sin and shall never make His Propitiation to become vain through worldliness and liberal Theology.

The Elect must reckon these indubitable and incorruptible Truths of the Word and live by it to access Heaven very soon.

As it is written in 1 Corr 1: 18,
” The Message of the Cross is to them that perish, foolishness but, unto us who know JESUS as LORD, it is the Power of GOD”!

The Cross totally changes the depraved man and makes a godly man out of him and makes him fit for Heaven.




We are alive because, HE is risen?
He is not in the grave like the Founders of world religions.
We do not seek the living among the dead.
Neither our faith nor our testimony is a nullity because He is alive!

The greatest marvel of the Resurrection Story was His healing after the buffetings and agonizing brutalities of the Roman Soldiers which marred His Image and made Him not to look like any man as written in Isaiah 52:14 and 53:3-5, as the LORD JESUS was wrongly ” esteemed to have been stricken, smitten of GOD and afflicted”

Three days and three nights passed as He said, He rose from the dead and left an empty tomb.

He was crucified a day before the High Sabbath Passover of that year.
The Bible called it, the day of Preparation for the Passover and He rose after the normal Saturday Sabbath, “as it began to dawn towards the first day of the week”. Math 28:1.

It was after the Passover Day that the Sanhedrin requested the Roman Governor to fortify His tomb to avoid His Resurrection.
Math 27:62.

However, after the weekly Sabbath, after midnight, ” very early on Sunday morning while it was yet dark”, Jn 20: 1, the LORD broke the gates of brass and cut the bars of iron assunder and rose from the dead.

He rose completely healed of all the bruises and lacerations inflicted on His Body during the illegalities and iniquities of His trial and condemnation except the nails prints and spear mark on His Side.

He left the burial and grave clothes and was freshly clothed in Majesty as His Glorious Countenance was beyond recognition by Mary and she was asked not to touch Him.
This was because, He was yet to ascend to the FATHER Jn 20 : 17, to seal the new Covenant with His Blood. Heb 9 : 11-12 and 24 and had His Name exalted above all names, Phil 2: 9-11, in that Glorious Convocation in Heaven.



The Will is His Testament or Covenant for His new dispensation.
He is the Author of the Testament and every Testator procedurally dies to enforce the Will.

The LORD JESUS accordingly made His Testament, died and rose to mediate, administer and implement the Covenant. Heb 9:14-17.

No man had written a will and after death, rose to administer the Will except the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Wills, Testaments and Covenants come into effect after the death of the Testator.
This is an established legal fact acceptable in Civil as well as Canon Law.
The Divine Mission, passion, death and resurrection of the LORD JESUS appeared to be a Divinely ordained Legal Matter for it was for ordained by the Law and He fulfilled every dot of it. Isaiah 52:14 and 53.

Men appoint Administrators to implement their Wills after their death.
However many Wills encounter Administrative Challenges during implementation owing to multiple contradictions.

The LORD JESUS knew that Wills are best Administered by the Authors.
But no man had ever risen from the death to implement His own Will.
The LORD JESUS CHRIST was determined to change that ugly tide!

Men who die without Wills are deceased “intestate”.
The LORD JESUS did not die intestate, He died with a completed and signed Will.

When He said ” It is finished” in Jn 19:30, He meant what He said and said what He meant.

As a Judge, He pronounced liberty from further judicial sentence for all who believe in His Propitiation.
As a Military Field Marshal, He declared total victory for the Elect by His expiatory death.
As a Landlord in Kingdom Business, He declared that our debts are fully paid.

It is finished is the same as “faith accompli”
It is finished is not different from the popular maxim, ” Tetelastai”!.
They all aptly and succinctly convey that it is over!

JESUS wrote the Will.
JESUS like others died to enforce the Will.
JESUS unlike all others, indubitably, rose to administer the Will.


The LORD JESUS rose from the dead because by His Divine Nature , He is in Himself the Resurrection and the Life. Jn 11:25.

He rose to give us life because, He alone has Life, Divine Life, Eternal Life, (Zoe) and whoever that does not have Him is dead. 1Jn 5:12. even if he or she is a secular or religious leader.


He rose because, it is through His Resurrection that the new life of being born again can be accessed unto an incorruptible inheritance reserved in Heaven for the Elect. 1Pet 1:3-4.

He rose because it is the Divine Transaction in His death and Resurrection that fully settled the sin question and ensured our justification. Rom 4:25.

He rose because in Him is the Divine Power as the ultimate Good Shepherd, to lay down His life to save His Own and to pick up His Life again, incredibly, all by Himself, to lead His Sheep appropriately. Jn 10:18.

This is the Victory of the Resurrection Sunday which no other person, spirit or body can replicate!

Give HIM Praise.
No One like the LORD JESUS CHRIST!


Without doubt, the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Son of GOD, the LORD of lords, the KING of Kings and He is the Mighty GOD and Eternal Father, Isaiah 9:6.
He is the Only One to accomplish all these wonders, thank GOD, He is also called WONDERFUL! in the Scriptures.

This is the time to go back to Him in total submission and rededication.


LORD JESUS, by your Resurrection Power, save me from sin, deliver me from the dominion of darkness and worldliness and translate me to the Kingdom of Your Ineffable Light.

Write my name in your Book of Life and lead me by Your Holy Spirit through the paths of Righteousnes by Your Word into Heaven.
So be it in JESUS Name, Amen.”

May Resurrection Power speak for you and all yours always.

Fare thee well.