Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


Shalom to the Elect in CHRIST JESUS, and may Grace and Peace be multiplied unto all yours this year.


It is a tough year, but only the tough in CHRIST JESUS shall get going.

As it is written in Jn 16:33,
…In this world , you shall have tribulations, but be of good cheer for I HAVE OVERCOME the world ” (🌎 for you).

Modern, popular, status quo and liberal, earth-focused religion is prevalently acceptable to the 🌎 world, but it is mere chaff compared to what the LORD wrought for the Elect on the Cross.

The popular social Gospel is full of deceit and noise-making.
Any Sermon that receives laity ovations of:
* ride on, sir, speak more, tell them et al.,
is most possibly NOT spiritual and lacks the Celestial Life-changing Power!

You can test the celestial content of a Message by the noisy, carnal and enthusiastic reception from unsaved Congregants.

It is so because the carnal man or natural folk despite his financial or intellectual pedigree, can not discern spiritual things from the Spirit of GOD as 1 Corr 2:14 concludes.

The carnal and even the most depraved of their stock: the natural fellow is of this world and out of Grace for they have not known the Cross, where Heaven’s Highest Treasure demonstrated Grace at its crescendo and Mercy at its apogee, so to say.

Most of what is practised in modern social paganism across denominations :
Their hyper Grace false theology, merchandising theology with their motivational messages, antinomianism, neo-colonial theology, orthodox syncretism and the religious confusion of man-made traditional beliefs across the Continents have misled more people and pushed multitudes into hell 🔥 fire.

Some new religious groups practice the principle of Sola Fide ( emphasis on Faith alone without repentance and righteous works).

Some believe there is no need for constant repentance of sins.

Some still practice the Nicolaitan spirit of lawlessness in sexuality, amorous dress codes and eating foods sacrificed to idols.

Some hold in error the doctrine of praying to “saints” for help rather than praying 🙏 to GOD through the LORD JESUS CHRIST as commanded.

Some hold the principality of Mammon damnably and believe that once you are blessed with money, and there are no more financial struggles in your Life, GOD’s Presence is with you despite your unrighteous demeanour.

All these errors are damnable and consolidate sin, worldliness, carnalities, mundanities and profanities, among many others.

On the other extreme is the Spiritual man who has been to the Cross and lives by the unimpeachable Word of GOD.

The spiritual man is of Grace, for he has given his Life to the LORD and lives for the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

As a Public Servant, he does not steal public money but uses it for the overall public Good.

As a Minister of the Gospel, he does not run the Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST for self and family aggrandizement but speaks the Truth of Grace to save, sanctify, deliver and bless the Elect committed into his hands by Heaven.

The process is simple and can be summarized as follows:

The Celestial words of regeneration released by the true Minister of the Gospel certify the Elect to stand immutable in a State -of -Grace for continuing victories in life endeavours.


Pst. ORA, How can a mere man overcome the forces of darkness?


  • The Word of Grace introduced the Blood of His Propitiation on the Cross to man.
  • The Blood ushers man into His Presence to receive His Spirit when he believes in Him.
  • The Holy Spirit enables man to appropriate Power to conform to the Image of CHRIST in character.
  • This character is accessed by the Word as the new man in CHRIST JESUS hears and reads the Word daily.
  • It is this CHRISTlike character that is called godliness.
    Godliness enables the Elect to live as sons of the Most High GOD ruling in the midst of his enemies and having victories in life endeavours.
  • This redeemed, victorious, separated, exchanged, crucified, and sanctified Life is what gives the Elect power over sin and worldliness in holiness and qualifies him to enter Heaven when he sleeps in death.


Furthermore, every Church teaching should focus on Heaven; if it is not, be sure that such a sermon is not from the LORD Holy Spirit, for the Scriptures tell us that He came to ” guide us into the Truth….not speaking of Himself, but what HE hears…to Glorify JESUS ” Jn 16: 13-14, so that where He is, we shall be. Jn 14: 3.

Besides testifying of the Truth, He trains the Elect ” to conform to the Image of CHRIST”.
Rom 8: 29.

When you break out from the latent, lethargy-driven, orthodox, status quo religion of liberal theology to spiritual fervency, which only the Crucified Life offers, you will attend only Church Meetings where most of the Messages are the ones commanded by the LORD, to wit:

The Message of Repentance. Lk 24: 45-47.

The Message of the Cross. 1Corr 1:18.

And the Message of the Kingdom of GOD. Lk 4:43, Acts 1: 3.

The Higher Life of the Crucified lives a life of Thanksgiving to GOD always because he knows that it is GOD alone that he lives for.

The liberal social gospellers haughtily boast of their material acquisitions, intellectual achievements and the toys of this world 🌎 like vehicles 🚗 , houses 🏘️ and other perishables, but the Crucified, though he may have received them, counts not those mundane things to his credit, but looks up always for the redemption found alone in CHRIST JESUS when he is taken up into Glory devoid of corruption and putrid denigration.

Moreover, please note that the Victorious Life is easy when you are young and can form deep-seated godly habits with practice.

The Life of the Elect is not a Sunday morning experience alone.

Victory on Sunday and defeat on Monday is the defeated Life of religion.

Righteousness is a lifetime endeavour, and it is a continuum.

Put differently, the victorious, separated, exchanged, crucified, and sanctified Life is a daily encounter.

Your death to anger, duplicity or pornography today must be renewed tomorrow morning for continual victory.

It is this daily encounter that makes the Elect rock solid in Faith and builds him into an all-round success in Life by the LORD Holy Spirit.

In his career, family life, word study, witnessing, and prayers, he is not a failure and does not bring reproach to the Cross with sinful compromises.

In the public space, the Crucified Christian is actually a consolation to his Employers and Earthly Masters because of his credibility, unusual diligence, serene wisdom and unquestionable integrity!

Put more exemplarily, so to speak, He is a Daniel and a Joseph in the Palace.

Continuing, the victorious Life leads a revived worship life full of adoration and revelations with Life changing decisions.

The empty worship of liberal merchandising Churchianity is so noisy and can not change Life nor touch Heaven.

Look at their social, pop style, seductive dress 👗 codes and reckon the shallow, terrestrial content of their songs, and you would weep for the LORD.

Now compare it to the “deep calleth unto deep” hymns, spiritual songs, psalms and worship lyrics in the Celestial services of True End Time Holy Ghost Meetings where Congregants weep in worship to the One True GOD, YWHW ELYON, without distractions, hearing the LORD speak to their sanctified hearts, healing them and leading them to take decisions for further restitutions in their lives unto perfection.

As Heaven reckons, it is better to have a little Church that is True than an Auditorium filled with stiff-necked unrepentant sinners, dishonest workers garbed in worldly adornments with pornographic sites on their phones and whose names had not entered the Hallowed Book 📚 of Life.

Furthermore, today’s Pulpits are for sale.

Religion has become a source of wealth as they twist the scriptures to fleece their gullible members.
Many Ministers across denominations are not true to the Faith but are there for pecuniary benefits.
So sad.

The Apostle Peter rebuked Simon for offering money to receive the Holy Spirit, but these 21st Century pulpit merchants ask for seeds of money to be given for prayers, to give money to “tap” into miracles and to receive healing which were all freely accomplished at the Cross by the Good LORD, RABBONIH EL ADONAI.

The Holy Spirit succinctly asked, Can anyone pay for the Gift of GOD with money?
Acts 8: 18-20.

But across denominations, you see this reproach practised to their condemnation.

The Word of GOD must be obeyed and not to be merchandised.
GOD called us to obey HIM and not to negotiate with HIM.

Every Word is as good or as bad as the Speaker.

The LORD GOD is Good and Sovereign, YHWH EL SHADDAI.
His Word is good and unquestionably Sovereign, and any disobedience attracts eternal consequences.

Furthermore, modern Churchianity has corrupted true worship with wealth creation and possess your possession messages.

They teach Off Divine Curriculum and reprehensibly venerate things Heaven loathes.

Their leaders are false teachers who do not prepare their members for the Rapture, and the LORD describes them as ” dogs, evil workers, worshippers in the flesh, enemies of the Cross whose end is destruction, their god is their belly and whose glory is in their shame minding only earthly things” Phil 3: 2-3 and 18-19.

The Crucified Life is different and does not seek fame, wealth or sexual gratifications in service.

The Crucified seeks to please the LORD JESUS and glorify His Name in all things he does.
As the Sanctified of the LORD, he does not bring reproach to the Hallowed Name of the LORD, YHWH EL MEKKADDISHKEM.

The Crucified neither strive nor shout like the unregenerate.
He is not opinionated on matters that are not expressly commanded in the Bible and does not insist on his way like many Oppressors who selfishly must have their way in everything.

As the perfect law of liberty indites in Math 12: 19-20, the Sanctified edifies others and does not bruise the weak and bring despondency to the downtrodden.

This gentle and meek demeanour sets the Crucified different from the mad crowd we see all over the place, including those arrogant players in high secular positions and, incredibly, some Religious pulpits.

Furthermore, the Crucified live victoriously over bitterness, fornication, prideful propensities, filthy lucre, nepotism, injustice, strange adornments of worldliness, insincerity and other forms of impunities against the laws of GOD.

It is these consistent victories that assure the Crucified Elect that he is on the PathWay of Light.

If you are on such PathWay, you will know that it is an applicable real-life experience and not encountered by Faith or in a dream.

Again, the Life of true Faith is organic for it abhors stagnation.

The LORD directed the Elect in the wilderness to arise and move forward!
Josh 1: 2-3.

The victorious Christian keeps moving forward from Grace to Grace, Strength to Strength and from Glory to Glory.

We move from the commanded one-hour prayer session (Math 26:40) to sacrificing more time to know Him deeply.

We forsake worldly pleasures, worldly games and epicurean proclivities and sacrifice more time for witnessing, word bath and worship.

Things like Valentine’s Day, sporting and traditional festivals and other worldly values are no longer of any interest to the Crucified as we have died to them as succinctly commanded :

” he who is dead is freed from sin … but alive unto GOD through the LORD JESUS” Rom 6: 6-11.


The status quo religion lowers The Content and Pungency of Holiness Messages to avoid hurting people and having more financial returns from their lost Congregants.
This is the point of betrayal!

Every Preacher who does this has denied the Cross and shall be damned accordingly.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST keeps warning with tears 😭 of the eternal consequence of this kind of Judas-driven Apostolic demeanour, but the sleigh of money 💰 appears to deafen them the more.

Concluding, modern Churchianity does not teach the inevitability of suffering and persecution to its members.

This error produces baby Congregants who can not withstand and break through difficulties on the Road to Heaven but resort to the practice of negotiated and compromised Faith.

For the Crucified, they know that the more you press on, the more crucibles and the more you should push up until final victory.

Suffering for the Faith, loneliness, injustice, persecution, needs, false accusations, and delays are instruments of Diving Making and should be seen as rungs on the ladder of Divine elevation as we conform to the Image of CHRIST without strife, vanity, lust, greed or guile.

To think that once you give your Life to CHRIST, all your challenges will disappear is the highest point of the deceit of Modern Churchianity.

Challenges make the Priesthood of the Elect sure.
It is the beginning of the making process, and it is the tears that challenges produce that GOD would wipe away in Heaven when we arrive in Glory.
Rev 21:4.

When we suffer, we endure, and that state of Grace works out godly character, which breeds in love the hope of our Glory.
Rom 5:3-5.

Dear Saint in CHRIST JESUS,

Keep believing, uphold your devotion and look more for things ahead and above.

Your victory from status quo religion to the victorious, separated, exchanged, crucified, and sanctified Life is here!

All things shall work out in your ultimate Glory.
Continue to seek HIM beyond the pulpit, especially if you are worshipping with neo (modern) Christians who are earthly and blind to Celestial values.

You must not join the majority on the way to perdition.

See you on the HalleluJAH Realm soon!

Fare thee well.

I shall yet return.