Shalom and may the new Month be filled with higher Grace and Peace from on High.

In the Epistles, we see something interesting but hidden from the modern social gospel across denominations:

..Knowing this , that our old man is crucified with Him , that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth, we should not serve sin , for every dead man is set free from the bondage of sin…
Rom 6:6-7.

The present tense ” is crucified” is apt and instructive for it conveys a continuing encounter.

The crucified life is the only experience that leads to genuine repentance from the sin problem and enables sanctification for perfection.

When we are crucified with the LORD JESUS CHRIST on the Cross, we die to this world,
to wit:
the sins of the world, the pride of life, the lusts of the flesh, the unbridled ambition of dishonesty, duplicity, covetousness and imperfections.

Phil 3:12 speaks of following faithfully till we attain perfection.
Col 1:28 speaks of presenting everyone perfect in CHRIST JESUS.
Heb 6:1 speaks of going unto perfection,
Math 5:48 speaks of becoming perfect like the FATHER,. at al.

It is encounter with the Cross that slays the power of the flesh , lust, bitterness and self aggrandizement and prepares us for obedience which is the essence of holiness unto the LORD.

This is a lost message but it was commanded by the LORD JESUS and preached by the Apostles.
The commanded Message of Repentance ( Lk 24:45-47), the Cross (1Corr 1:18 )and the Kingdom of GOD (Acts 1: 3) are totally lost in 21st Century Churchianity across denominations and it is rarely taught in Theological Curricular.

The Cross is a place of Divine Experience which enables the Elect to conform to the Image of CHRIST and fulfill destiny.

Material prosperity without holiness of character is a vanity, a void and a nothingness that is abhorrent and totally reprehensible to Heaven.
What promotion and upliftment in life and career makes any meaning when it would lead you to the horrendous agonies of hell πŸ”₯ fire and make you lose the eternal Bliss of Heaven which the LORD JESUS died for to prepare for you?

The Cross is a life experience of denial, agony, sorrow, delay, disappointments, injustice, pain, betrayal, false accusations, loneliness and misunderstandings.
It is a valley experience which brings your ego down and makes you unwanted, unimportant and insignificant.

The most palpable aspect of the Cross experience revealed to me is the Golden Silence of Heaven during your crucibles, vicissitudes and sufferings.

During these painful experiences, Heaven releases Inner Support to the regenerating heart of the Elect to enable him pass through this valley of ” Baca” and make it a well of Salvation experiences.

It is this Divine Silence that enables the Elect to conform to His Image, the very likeness of a meek and gentle demeanour of CHRISTJESUS and build genuine Faith which sees a bright Future, yet while still in the dark valley of life.

The crucified life no longer lives on the idolatry of mundane public opinion and can no longer respond to false witnesses and like the LORD JESUS in Isaiah 53:7, he also can be led like a lamb for slaughter, he would not open his mouth but commit judgment to GOD as inscribed in 1 Pet 2:23 because the Kingdom of GOD is ever based on Righteousnes Truth and Justice ( Deut 32: 4).

The crucified life is absolutely beautiful to Heaven and is irreconcilably incompatible with the frowardness and selfishness of worldliness.

Men and Brethren, there is more to the Call to be a Christian than buying new 🏘️ houses🏠, πŸš‘ vehicles 🚜, acquiring academic records and having children.
If these are all we hope for on Planet Earth, 1Corr 15:19 says that we are most miserable!

What an indictment!!!


When I see how Churches have practiced negotiated faith and compromised our most holy hope with worldly values, adornments, materialism and even slipped fully into the murky eternal and damnable sin of liberal merchandising theology without Heaven ln View, I weep for our generation.

The clarion call is for all: the clergy and the laity to return to the roots of the Christian Message which is CHRIST in you, the hope of Glory ( of Heaven).Col 1:27.

Even if you find yourself walking alone among worldly folks, keep your eyes on the Cross where the Best and the Dearest was slain to redeem us from our depravity.

The Way of the Cross is tight, lonely, strait and never popular,but it is the Way to Heaven.

Shalom to all yours.
I shall return.