The death of Sis Osinachi is a very painful one.
Very painful because, she should have walked away and lived.
More painful because , she could not confide her pains in the Church Authorities, nay her Pastor , who could have intervened with Divine audacity and saved the situation.
But, she did not, believing rather that her husband would change.

Marriage has come under severe satanic attack in the 21st Century.

Selfishness, wickedness , parasitism , anger and dishonesty have overtaken genuine love and understanding which drive a blissful marital union.

There are abusive wives , as well as abusive husbands.

There are irresponsible husbands as well as irresponsible wives.

Any time, a marital union breaks down, someone suffers.

Juanita Bynun , a known Pastor in the US was a Victim of Domestic violence.
She opted out of the marriage and the result was not easy: she was despised, she was in ignominy, she endured gossip and mockery by her own friends, even in Church.

She became unspiritual and impatient in their adjudicatory eyes.

Her books and tapes are no longer on Bookshop racks.
She is a Divorcee!

That is the judgment of the world , including incredibly, the world of our Churchianity.

There is one M/s Kefee,. Is it Branama?
She got a divorce and was later called promiscuous.

Subsequently, she died after some medical complications of some identified pathological conditions.

Tiger Woods after a night of altercations with his wife over infidelity, lost his marriage.

Up till today, more than a decade after, he had not gone back to his Number 1 position in ⛳️ Golf and he had lost most of his commercial endorsements and became poorer.


He is an Adulterer and a Divorcee!

There are other folks who have suffered humiliating judgements by our generation who think that they are more pious and righteous, but are filled with moral rut, social depravity and behavioural rot in their unregenerated ❤️ hearts.

Divorce, fighting, adultery and other behavioural pitfalls lead to rejection by the Church and the Society.

A thief is someone caught stealing!

Not someone driving a stolen vehicle that you don’t know about.
That is the world.

Look at the way Dunamis Church removed the name of that Gospel Musician, few weeks to the event, whose adulterous life was exposed by his former Mistress in the US .

He was dumped !

They didn’t want to identify with a sinner because we are Church, the Holy Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

As for Osinachi Nwachukwu.

What shall I say..?

She didn’t want the Church to know her travails.
Though her amiable soul confided in others, she never wanted her husband to be humiliated.
She rather wanted him to change as she submitted to him.
She left judgment to GOD.

She was almost offered like a lamb ( Isaiah 53:7 ) at the slaughter, yet she opened not her mouth against her husband.
She begged others to beg him!

She took her agony with stoicism and equanimity.
She sang with passion and cried in her songs to bless humanity from the depths of her emotions and spirituality.

No life blesses others like a life that has been to the Cross.

Those who think that going to the Cross is easy have not been there.

The Cross is our negative condition which we never apply to GOD to have that way.

That jobless life after graduation, barrenness after marriage, unfruitful business venture after many doughty endeavours, that recalcitrant child or oppressive Boss despite your prayers are all our Cross where we are to be crucified and die to anger, pride, lust and dishonesty before we qualify for Heaven.


The Cross is a place of agony, humiliation, pains, grief, loneliness, deprivation, betrayal, false accusations, shame, reproach and incredibly , the Cross is a Place of Divine Silence from Heaven until you are exercised and fully processed.

If she had left her beastial husband, would you still invite her for events?

Would you not stop playing the songs of that Divorcee?

Yes , that is whom we are!

We condemn everyone except ourselves.

Toxic cynics , that’s who we are!

“Pharisees who strain out a gnat but, swallow a carmel…., cleansing the outside of the cup, but leave the inside full of extortion and self indulgence…, whitewashed tombs appearing beautiful outwardly , but full of putrid mess inwards”……….. Math 23: 4-29.

Crying after killing!

I greet you all.

For those folks like me , who never knew she was our Abia born wife in Anambra , the 🌟 Star we loved her spiritual and edifying songs was one of us, we should mourn our loss and the shame of being called co- murderers by online bullies.


I wish I knew her in my multiple visits to worship in their Church any time I flew into Abuja on official assignments.
So near, yet so far and now never again!

Fare thee well Sis Osinachi.

May we change from our prejudice, nepotism, injustice, bigotry and psychopathic insecurities and become truly human or do I say, truly godly in JESUS Name.

May this Resurrection weekend sober us into genuine repentance and may every dead aspects of our lives, marriages, families and careers rise to the Glory and Praise of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

May her gentle soul find repose in the LORD.