Tabernacle of Grace, Awka


The above question was posed to Adam when he had sinned against GOD and supposedly hid from HIM.

Where art thou?
Gen 3:9

Are you in the 21st Century new modern social gospel Churchianity of liberal theology that entertains Congregants or are you still under the Divine Discipleship of the Old Rugged Cross that leads to Heaven ?

I am an old school Believer and Minister of the LORD.

“Thus says the LORD, Stand you in the ways and see and ask for the old paths, which is the good way and walk therein and you shall find rest for your souls.
But they said that they would not walk therein.
….. Hearken to the sound of the Trumpet , but they said that they would not hearken”.
Jer 6: 16-17.

Can you see the deliberate disobedience of the apostate Church?

I love the old paths, the old hymns in Sacred Songs and Solos , Ancient and Modern Hymns , et al, the old King James Bible, the old rugged cross Theology, the old time Gospel, the old sermons on holiness that gravitate us to live honest and diligent lives and conform to the Image of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and prepares us for Eternity.

We loathe the vainglorious carnality of liberal theology which celebrates unscriptural feasts in the House of GOD like Valentine Day , jeans carnival , Dancing competition, Beauty contest, Eating competition, New yam festival et al.

We love to worship the LORD JESUS where only the Word of GOD matters.

……..Where women put away their worldliness laden vanity boxes filled with demonic makeups that produce what the Bible calls ….the attire of a harlot..” Prov 7:10.

Those images that speak falsehood and travesty and does not represent what the lady is:
the strange wigs, fake paintings👄, false lashes, amorous lipsticks💄, fake nails 💅, jewelries and others which they use to mock His Excellent Creation and call the LORD a bad Maker who could have made nails 💅 to be red and purple and eye 👁️ lashes like pussycats’.

In Jer 5:1 , the LORD asked the Prophet to search through Jerusalem for one single soul who is just and knows the Truth but the Prophet found none, not even among the backslidden, idolatrous and covetousness driven Priests.
Is the modern paganism of the social gospel different?
I doubt.

The LORD JESUS had revealed that in many modern denominations, besides infants, not even one person had entered Heaven, including their prosperity Preachers!
So sad.
Do you doubt the Revelation?
Ask Him, for ” My sheep hear My Voice and I know them and they follow Me” Jn 10:27

Continuing, I love the Christianity of the Old Rugged Cross,

………Where women as directed , cover and or veil their head when praying or prophesying and men remove their hats and face caps when praying,

…….Where women wear gowns/skirts and men wear fitting 👖trousers that cover their nakedness as commanded , rather than seductively, provocatively and nauseatingly exposing their private parts.

………Where women look feminine and are lady like and men look masculine and gentlemanly and are taught virtues of honesty, diligence , justice, humility , service and most of all sanctification unto the LORD.

………Where children are not sexualized copying the world’s fashion and are taught to submit to their parents and godly elders.

…….Where Preachers read straight from the Bible and not a badly adulterated electronic device where many Scriptures had been removed or badly re written by the satanic new 🌎 world order to convey modern trends, traits, tendencies and propensities.

…….Where the love of GOD precedes all matters and brethren live in the light of Eternity.

This is the Christianity of the Old Paths!
#Jeremiah 6: 16

GIVE ME THAT OLD TIME FAITH that moulds and prospers CHRIST in us by continual Word and SPIRIT impartation.

We must opt for the only Truth and and take away like a menstruous cloth, the vile , modern, corrupted paganism called social gospel Churchianity that does not take any one to Heaven.

Concluding, a poor or blind or dead person, people or nation are not those who have not prospered in material wealth, but a person or people who have not known the LORD and the unimpeachable Foundation of His incorruptible Kingdom; His Righteousnes, Truth and Justice.
Deut 32:4, Jer 4:2, Math 23:23.

Such people or denomination live in unfruitful works of darkness and rather than reprove them as commanded in Eph 5:11, they venerate them.

As Christians , they put on worldly adornments, wear worldly fashions , adore worldly passions and support worldly electoral and financial falsehoods.

Alas, an appalling , stupefying and horrible thing had been wrought in the land!

Their prophets prophesy falsely and their Pastors live in covetousness and My people love to have it so without knowing the eternal consequences. Jer 5:31.


Where art thou?

Stay in the Christianity that sprinkles the Propitiatory Blood on the Elect in preparation to be presented perfect to Heaven .

This is the True Fountain that makes CHRIST to be replicated in us as the Hope of our Glory, the Strength of the Sanctified and the Glory of the Elect.
Col 1: 27-28 .

I shall return from:


Fare thee well.